what was in your teenage bedroom?

Stereo/record player with big speakers, small yellow tv, yellow bean bag chair, big yellow foot rug.
Posters (Dome Patrol, Honda Hurricane), a desktop computer and monitor that weighed something like 30 lbs.

Other than myself I seriously can't remember. We lived in 3 different places in my teenage years, one house and one apartment in the same city and overseas. I'm guessing not posters since we rented the house and the apartment.
My older sister.
When she left for college not much changed since many of her belongings were still there.
Mostly we lived in rental units so no posters on the wall. We had a low coffee table between our beds and it held a record player and books that couldn’t fit on the bookshelves.
I'm a nerd, so most of my poseters were from comic books and video games. I had a bunch of both too, a small TV. I di dhave the clear phone at one point. I alos love Duran Duran, but did not have posters or anything of them, just a couple of cassettes. I did have a dual-deck book-box type stereo that also had line in, so I would jack into it for better sound than the TV and could even use headphones through it.
Definitely Duran Duran posters!!! Also lots of pages out of various magazines with other teen stars.

My parents didn't want to splurge for the clear phone. We took a different 80s inspired approach to my teen room. My parents let me pick a different paint color for each wall. It was an oddly shaped room, so I had six walls. I know one wall was 80s style color splatter. That was the first wall we painted since it was the messiest...but definitely the most fun to paint. They also got me a blank canvas, so one of the solid colored walls could have a splatter painting to match the splatter wall. I believe the other walls were hot pink, light pink, black, bright yellow, and blue. My phone, which was solid red, was something they also allowed me to splatter paint to match the room.

My mom sews, so she went out and got fabric in the colors of my walls and made a duvet to go over my comforter, a pillow sham to go over my main pillow, and created accent throw pillows to go with the colors. It was a color block pattern of her design. My sheets were blue to match the blue wall.

They replaced my overhead light with 80s style track lighting.
My older sister.... :rotfl2:but we had the old master bedroom so we had a big room, double closets, our own bathroom and our own dedicated phone line with 2! phones (one was mine, one was my sisters LMAO)we could swap out depending on how we felt. We had a pink donut phone and OF COURSE the clear one. Oh and lots of swatch watches.

I was a teen in the 80's :)
A waterbed and a dressing table I used as a desk. DM still has the dressing table and asks me all the time if I want my desk. Can't believe she's kept it all this time - it was just a crappy dressing table!
My room was decorated in mint green and peach. I had a waterbed and papasan chair. I also had a small tv and my stereo. There was cork board on the wall where I put ticket stubs and pictures. I had posters of dogs and Andre Agassi.
My teen room was very small, about 9 feet by 7 feet. I had a shelving unit that just fit between the foot of the bed and the wall, where I had my stereo, Mickey Mouse phone, and books. On the wall opposite the bed was a small dresser and a tv stand with a small tv. That left a narrow walkway from the bedroom door to my closet door. I didn’t really have wall space for posters or art, since I had a big window above the bed. I didn’t mind letting my younger sister have the larger room, because I got the bigger closet.
Beatles posters, Smashing Pumpkins posters, a Happy Days lithograph, Lion King collectibles, Sailormoon collectibles. And some other nerd stuff. I did not know any other teens with a signed Happy Days lithograph.


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