What to pack for a 1 year old?

Haley R

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Sep 3, 2017
There are areas in each park (I think they are call baby changing areas?) that have rocking chairs in them if you are going to be in the park during nap time also I think the store in the RV/cabin area has rocking chairs on the porch not sure. I know this doesn't help in your cabin, but just a thought. Have a great time at Disney. :)
I actually stopped rocking him two days ago for naps and bedtime and he’s doing great! I do sometimes have to bounce my knee a little but that’s much easier than rocking. I mainly just hold him and sing. I haven’t decided what we’ll do for his naps when we go to MK. I’m thinking we may just go back to the cabin each time but I know how much time that will take. But I doubt he’ll sleep in the park. He’s never slept around anything but white noise and a pitch black room. I don’t want to try to force him to nap at the park


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Apr 29, 2009
Thank you that’s great! We have never had to take a stroller so I didn’t even think about that. Will you leave anything in the stroller? I don’t know how honest other guests are

Hi Haley.. :wave:

Yes a stroller is necessary... We always used one... We would leave the diaper bag or day bag or back pack in the stroller. We did keep anything of value with us, things like phone, wallet, and such. We personally never had anything come up missing, except a bag of Cheetos that a squirrel helped himself to... LOL...

Mark your stroller, and your bags... so that you can easily find them...