what price does Disney go for ROFR

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by sparkysfriends, Feb 10, 2004.

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    A friend of mine would like to buy an OKW resale. Does any one know what price Disney is allowing to go through? At what point do they seem to be using their ROFR? This might make all the difference in the world in her decision. Thanks all.
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    There seems to be no set formula to use when trying to determine what will pass ROFR and what won't . DVC is buying back a resale we felt would pass due to the number of 2004 points that had been borrowed. One "red flag" item seems to be the seller paying closing costs. And I'm sure there are many others.

    Your friend needs to determine what home resort they are interested in, how many points they would need to cover their current vacation pattern, and find a listing in their price range. The price can be negotiated with the seller but anything that is too low will hit the ROFR roadblock.

    If they are extremely concerned about ROFR, they might want to consider SSR. The minimum buy-in is 150 pts. and I believe you can get the price down as low as $79/pt. with the current incentives being offered.

    A resale would probably be in the $70/pt. range w/$400-$500 in closing costs. Those fees would equal another $3/pt.

    So, for about $1000 more you could buy into SSR without the headache/heartache of ROFR and have a contract with 10 years longer than any of the other DVC resorts.

    Clear as mud? Hope this helps!

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