What post count.....

  • chickapin parterre

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    Dec 18, 2014
    Don’t have to count, it’s done for you... :thumbsup2
    see....that is how thick I am.....when ebay first came out I was one of the first in my city and antique trading community...so I had a very high feedback profile. One customer left me a note to post feedback....so that he could have a number like mine....well...he would have a ton of purchasing to bid on to catch us sellers. So I know how you folks are chasing each other with those high post counts. On micechat I would chat with two other, one was a pioneer on micechat and her number was super , nose bleed high....when I posted my count ( never a random moment , always a sigvificant number in my life) she would always tease me...catch me if you can....so I get and willing to help you all chase each other....as for the orginal post...it is an Easter Egg about my obsessive compulsion I have here on games.

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