What online games are you currently playing?


Always dreaming about Disney
Aug 29, 2000
The world of gaming has evolved so much since this section of the forums was created as a result of our love for VMK. Just curious what are you playing and why.

I am playing Candy Crush and Candy Soda crush because I like it being mobile, but as you know attention spans will drive you to other games.

Share what you are currently playing and why.


Minnie Mouse Fanatic
Aug 11, 2015
Hi there!
I was a huge fan of VMK and I'm currently playing MyVMK instead which is basically the same but revamped for all the old fans. Unfortunately it's not quite the same though :sad:

Richard Ramos

Earning My Ears
Oct 28, 2015
I find starcraft 2 legacy of the void very interesting. And thats why i am going to buy acheter starcraft 2 legacy of the void. It is a real time strategy game.It is a new expansion and has new features added,like amazing graphics and characters and wouls be a great experience playing this game.
  • Crystal Song

    Earning My Ears
    May 27, 2018
    I play Magic Kingdom where you can create your own Magic Kingdom and let it thrive. You have to recover it from Malifecents dark magic.


    May 19, 2008
    i have also been playing Magic Kingdom. I jump around in games a lot, Homescapes is one I like playing as I like the match 3 games. I have played sudoku from one of my apps.

    right now I have the Harry Potter game that recently came out that I am playing as well

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