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Earning My Ears
Nov 14, 2001
From Screamscape....

2003/2004 - (1/23/02) Could a new attraction based on the X-Men be in the works for Marvel Superhero Island? One reader claims that is the latest buzz around the park halls. With production work on the second X-Men film set to start any day now, it would certainly benefit the park to have a better tie in attraction to the X-Men than Storm Force Acceletron. They’re already set for two tie-in attractions for Summer 2002 by having a Spiderman and Men In Black attractions already in place, as well as a Hulk coaster for when the Hulk film goes before the camera before the end of the year. Even if the X-Men rumor holds true, there is no word on what kind of attraction it may be. Certainly the Superhero Island could benefit from another major attraction to thin the crowds that pile up at Hulk, Spiderman and Doctor Doom all day long

Any comments, hints...
I can answer this question with certanity .... another rumor .. no. Superhero is about he last place another attraction will go. It already has two high capacity attractions.


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