What is the Club Room at Hard Rock Hotel?


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Jun 17, 2000
What is the Club Room that some of you have referred to? Is this something you pay extra for or an alternate to the usual type of restaurants that are in hotels? Thanks for your help! :)
The Club Level is on the seventh and top floor of the hotel. It is like the concierge level at fancy business hotels. You have to slip your room key into a slot in the elevator to even get to the Club Level.

Club level guests get a continental breakfast served in the Club lounge along with refreshments all day, and hors d'oeuvres an beer and wine in the evening.

The Graceland Suite is on this level. It's where they put pop music celebrities when they are playing in the area.e

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Does anyone know if you can get club level with any of the room categories? Or is club level for specific room's only? Thanks :)

I was told my the front desk person that most of the rooms are two queen bed rooms. There are king size rooms as well and keep in mind the king size rooms have a couch with a fold out bed.

We stayed there from 2/3 - 2/5 and there was a difference in the club lounge quality on Monday vs Sat-Sun. On Saturday and Sunday, there were tons of kids there, you couldn't reach the food and when you did, it was all gone. The cookies they put out were not cooked all of the way..when there were some left. On Monday, the quality greatly improved, plenty of good fresh food. I guess it depends on the amount of people that are there at the time.

If you are going to stay on the club level, I know that the even room numbers ranged 7030-7068 offer a view of the pool, 7070,7072,7074 offer a view of the Woodstock Garden (and garage) and 7069,7071,7073 are views of the front courtyard of the hotel. I'm not sure about the rest but I believe that 7090 was the Graceland Suite and there were 3 or 4 other even numbered rooms (7092,7094, etc) also with a great pool and park view.

Sorry to run on, just wanted to pass on some info.


One more thing...I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere. The lobby is located on the 3rd floor of the hotel. There are rooms below this on the first level and 2nd as well I think, but there are rooms on the left side of the hotel on the 3rd floor. Camp Lil Rock is located on the 1st floor in a nice secluded area on the hotel. My wife and I took a peek in, they have a big tv at least 36 inches probably bigger, They have Nintendo 64, Playstation 1 and two, vcr and a dvd player I think. There are plenty of toys and activities for the kids such as finger painting and other arts and crafts stuff. It is a very big room with a security desk and video cameras as well. Although it is a little pricey, my wife and I will leave the kids there for a few hours so we can slip away to dinner when we go back in October.

Thanks for all that great info Mike! What I was wondering is...Do they offer a deluxe room, club level? Thanks if anyone knows. :)

i was told today that there are Club Standard rooms and Club Deluxe rooms plus the Club suites. I have not seen a published price list for the difference in charges for the Club Standard vs. Club Deluxe. This was the room controller that told me this information, so I would think it would be true.

When I was booking my room, reservations quoted me an entertainment book rate of $305 for the club room which they said was 375 sq. feet. There was no mention of any other club rooms. BTW, deluxe rooms are 500 sq. feet, for $149, entertainment book rate.

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Thank you Dreamer and Damo! Guess I will call to confirm and get some prices. :)

Just a note to Damo...I got a $229 rate for a club room. Hmmm wonder why the drastic difference.


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