What is the best souvenior to buy????


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Feb 7, 2001
Hello everyone,
My niece is going to disneyworld next week and I am so jealous. I went to disneyworld 2 years ago and I can't wait until our next trip. My question is this: being she's going if there's one thing I ask her to pick up for me, what would it be? Any ideas on what's the best gift to buy there? I would really appreciate it.
What a toughie! I guess it really depends on what sort of things you like. There is so much to choose from at WDW! ;)
A personal favorite of mine are the Mickey ears. You can even have your name embroidered on the back. I always get a pair when I go.


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If you have a christmas tree I would say an ornament. They have some great Disney ornaments. Some are just gorgeous, others are cute, while some of fun.

Or maybe a really nice key chain.
That would be something I would ask for.
Last year I found a Mickey Mouse necklace that I wear all the time...it was the outline of his head and ears using birthstones...I can put in on anytime and be reminded of the happiest place on earyh!! 34 MORE DAYS!!! Nance
One of the best things about WDW is looking forward to going and talking about WDW with people who love it too.

Give your niece a disposable camera, tell her some of your favorite things to do. Ask her to take some, "Wish you were here photos." of your favorites and some of her favorites. When she get back have her over and look at the pictures.

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I think my favorite thing I've gotten there would be my Mickey icon soup rest for the top of my stove LOL
It would be hard to say what the best thing for someone would be without knowing what they like.
Unfortunately I never buy as much as I would like to, BUT I do go in to EVERY single store while I'm there!

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This all depends on what you like. I think the disposable camera is an awesome idea. If you have a fav character, have her take pics of him or her for you. There's so much to get at Disney and no matter what it is, you'll be happy!


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The official park cd is great. If it's difficult to locate, have her ask at the information desk at the World of Disney at Downtown Disney. Everytime you hear it, it's like a short trip to the park!
I love to collect the mugs you can get your drinks in. We use them all the time. They're fun and inexpensive and you can handle them daily. Of course I do handwash them all so they won't wear out so fast (it may be awhile until I get to WDW again).
For me, the best souveniers I get after a trip to WDW is the free park maps you get. That serves as a timeless reminder of all the fun times at that park and that map will generate memories years later of all the trips to that park that you've had.

The best souveniers you can buy, (ha!) or have someone buy for you, are things that you know you will use. A Mickey desk pen, a mickey business card holder, a baseball cap when you play with the kids outside, cooking utensils or items for the chef in the family. It all depends on the person! Pictures of characters with loved ones are always good, too, and almost always generate a smile when you look at them.
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I love the disposable camera idea. Create a list of your favorite places and characters and have pictures taken of them. This will allow you to "be" there when you can't go.

We took over 200 pics with our digital camera last trip and my kids cannot get enough of looking at them. I created a screensaver from them and the kids ask me to keep the pc on just so they can watch the pictures scroll by.

We put the best pics in an album and keep it out where my 2 year old can flpi through it. She know who all the characters are and is ready to go back!


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The most practical things that I bought were buckets of popcorn from the Magic Kingdom and MGM Studios. Let me explain, the popcorn came in a decorative pails with a pictures of the MSEP (from the MK) and Mushu and Mulan (from MGM) on it. When I take my kids to the movies, (only Disney films of course) we bring the buckets with us. I buy one large bucket of popcorn and then split it between the kids' pails. The pails are just the right size and hold enough popcorn to keep them munching throughout the entire movie. Now I don't have to hear them bickering about who is hogging the popcorn bucket--because they each have their own. I hope that this helps someone
When I was in college I had a friend who brought me back a glass mug with an etching of Mickey on one side, and my name etched on the other. I think she got it at a shop on Main street (I have since seen them there). But all these years later (I won't say how many!) I still have that mug and think of WDW and my old friend!!! :)
My house sitter is a real Disney nut. I always get him something from one of the Parks. This stuff is hard to get outside the Parks. The Disney Stores have lots of general character stuff you can also get at the park but some stuff you only see at WDW. Also some Disney Stores have special Mickey Characters for them. At the Las Vegas Store in Ceaser's Palace I got him a Mickey in a Toga. From the New York City store I got him a Mickey in Top Hat (almost got him the Minnie dressed as the Statue of Liberty). I got him a snow globe of Epcot 2000 last year from Downtown Disney at WDW.
The first time we ever went to WDW my sister wanted a ceramic figurine. My brother and I both got coonskin caps and cap guns like Davy Crockett. When we returned to the hotel we had been running around playing with our guns like boys normally do, when we got back to the room my sister was just sitting there looking at her new ceramic Cinderella. We teased her about not having anything to play with. To make a long story short. She bought a ceramic figurine every time she went from then on and everyone gets her one everytime they go. To see the 10 or 12 shelves she has in her living room is something else. This is why I think those ceramic figurines are the nicest souvenier. Especially as time goes on. I will try to post a pic of her living room. She must have close to 75 of these things
I got a Mickey Teapot for One! The saucer is Mickeys hand, the handles of the cup and pot (the pot rests on top of the cup when not in use) are Mickey's arms and the top of the pot is Mickeys ears!
How about a pictorial book. You can see how many things have changed since you have been there.
Where is the best place in WDW to find Christmas ornaments?

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