What is REALLY the best time to visit?


Nov 26, 2007
Could you use a combination of guidebook and holiday calendars to plan? Avoid any special event at DLR...maybe even Google for conferences or school breaks that could affect the crowds?
In the past I've checked the Anaheim Convention Center Calendar plus the school calendars for LAUSD and Orange USD. It's not completely comprehensive, but it's a good start. Plus Touring Plans as well.


Earning My Ears
Jul 30, 2013
Ever since I went to Disneyland for my birthday a few years ago (which is in mid-November) I've always sworn that mid November is *the* time to go! I have recently been to Disneyland in mid-September and early January and I still think that out of all of my fall/winter trips, mid November is the least crowded time.

I did notice lighter crowds in early January as well, but it did get a little cooler than I like in the evenings, and one thing to consider with a January trip is that the Haunted Mansion might be closed for its transformation back from the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay that they do. (I know it was closed when I went last January.)

I vote for mid November: Low crowds, holidays decorations are up... nothing closed for overlays (Space Mountain will have had their ghost galaxy overlay removed, Small World will be in Christmas mode, and the Haunted Mansion should be up and running.) ...Just my thoughts. Of course, you will have fun no matter what :)


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