What is a connection voucher?


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Jan 6, 2002
Several people have mentioned savign money with a connection voucher. This is totally new to me. what are they, where do you get them, how do you use them?

Thanks so much for infor!!

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I'm sure someone else can provide better details, but basically...

Connections is a company from which you can purchase gift certificates (GC) for various restaurants, stores, etc. for 20% discount. For instance purchase a $25 dollar Red Lobster GC and Connections refunds $5 to the credit card you used to purchase it. There is an annual fee (it used to be $79 I think) but you can get a 30 day trial membership for $1. Unfortunately, their web site (www.connections123.com) doesn't seem to list all the merchants and benefits that are available. Looks like you have to join first.

One of the things you can purchase are food vouchers for WDW restaurants. I've never bought these so I don't know how much you really save. Look through the messages on this board for the past couple of months and you should find plently of people's responses about this program.

Good Luck!
Their prices for 4 day hopper passes was comparable to what other online discount websites offered (196 for an adult vs. ~194 on many sites I've visited).

Not sure of the unique Disney resturants they have inside the park, but the standard fare of the Red Lobster, Outback, Applebees, etc seemed to be a part of the 25/5 10/2 pay/refund voucher deal.


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