What age did you let kids sign themselves out?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by DVC Mary, Mar 27, 2006.

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    Sep 16, 2003
    Thanks for info about signing kids in & out.
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    Aug 9, 2003
    i have not done that, and i don't think i would until my child is 15 or so and with a sib or cousin. When she turns 18 she can have a tine bit more freedom, i guess you could say i am overprotective, but there are so many things happening in the world today especially with our children, and it can happen anywhere. To sign herself out 15 but i do believe it really depends on the maturity of the child also. Some are more mature then others.
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    Once kids are in the teen group, 13+ there is no signing in and out. They come and go as they wish. If you are referring to leaving the ship--you must be 18 to get off without a parent, or one must go down with you when you get off.

    My son will be 10 this year, and after 4 other cruises on DCL he is familiar with the ship. He will be able to sign himself out this time. Our last cruise he did not spend a lot of time in the club. He will always know where we are and to let us know before he would go back to the room. I don't expect it to be an issue since he spends most of his time with us or my parents. I'm sure some people disagree, but that is what we are doing. At age 8 I never would have considered it.
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    Feb 25, 2003
    Here is a message I received from a club CM explaining how they monitor this process.

    The 10-12s sing in and sign out access can be restricted just like the 8-9s. If a 10-12 is a yes they get a blue "Lab Pass" sticker on their Key to the world card, if they are not allowed to sign out the get an orange sitcker on top of the "lab pass" sticker with their pager number written on it. In order to sign in and out a parent must be present. We take the childs card and write down their name, when they came in and who brought them, and keep their card until they are picked up. Then when they are picked up we follow the same procedure, as well as ask for the password ( we have a list of all the 10-12s not allowed to sign out.) So the abbreviated version of this long winded answer is yes a 10-12 can be registered as either a Yes or a NO and iit can be changed at anytime by the adult in charge. Though the majority of 10-12s are yeses there are always a few that are nos.

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