What’s your favorite cash back portal/website?


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Mar 6, 2007
I’ve been an ebates enthusiast for years, but ever since they switched to Rakuten, the %s for cash back seem to have gone way down (and my Big Fat Check this quarter reflects that!). I don’t love the idea of using a bunch of different cash back portals, but I’m thinking of adding at least one more, or maybe replacing Rakuten altogether. Which cash back portals do you use and like best?

(Oh, I do also use Dosh, since that one is so easy and doesn’t even require a click through, but I rarely get much cash back on that one.)


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Nov 20, 2009
I’ve always wondered about theses things. What exactly are you giving up (data) when you utilize these programs? I haven’t signed up for any of them other than the ones through my CC companies. Does it tell you what you are agreeing to give up when you sign up for these programs?


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Jan 18, 2006
I've always used Upromise because it's connected to the kids 529 plans. 4 more years to go and I can find another portal to use so that I get the checks:D.


Dec 10, 2014
I only use Ebates/Rakuten. Didn't really notice the cash back going down since the switch, my big fat payment was deposited on Monday and I made $25. And so far this quarter I'm up to over $12 (just made 11% cash back on ShopDisney). I've made nearly $1,000 since joining Ebates so I can't complain.


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