What’s better? Disney (On-line) Travel vs. (Insert Travel Agency Here)


Earning My Ears
Oct 10, 2000
What’s better? Disney (On-line) Travel vs. (Insert Travel Agency Here)

I’ve used Disney Travel website to custom book my last 5 trips for my wife and I.

Each trip has been the same - 4 days / 3 nights

I’ve learned to check back frequently. Eventually you’ll land a really good quote (at least we think it is).

For example: For $660.00 The two of us went for 4 days 3 nights the week leading Christmas from NYC.

This included round trip non-stop airfare with a stay at AS Sports and to our surprise we got two passes to Miniature Golf as well.

I must include that we took an early flight (6am) and got to AS Sports by 10am. Our return flight was set for 8pm and got home by 11:30pm.

This way we get the most of our stay.

We’d like return for this coming Halloween season but before I go calling and visiting different travel agencies I wanted to confirm what (if any) agency would probably be cheaper to book a similar trip or should we stick to Disney Travel.?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Take care,
have you checked out Dreams Unlimited? they specialize in disney vacations (ie:the only vacations they book are disney). they hold a very good reputation on these boards. they check every 45 days to see if they can get you a better deal!
They maintain the board, how could they not hold a good rep?

I'd say, use a travel agent the first time, if you are insecure about booking on your own but afterwards, search the resources available. If you can afford them, then hey, all the glory to you! Use their resources, that is their business. But most people want to save the extra money for their vacation instead and are disappointed when they find out how much they spend booking through an agency.

If regardless, I had to pick an agency, well... I used AAA and like others in the board, have had negative experiences with their travel agents who were not too knowledgeable. They book through Kingdom Tours, so they are mere middlemen, playing phone tags back and forth. They're good for towing but I definitely do not recommend AAA for your travel ressies. I would never get myself in one with a tiny office in the middle of nowhere or advertising on Yahoo message boards keeping a free website in Geocities, either.

I'd ask my friends, neighbors and family for references and ask the agents for references as well. Good luck
Another thumbs up for Dreams Unlimited; Their service was excellent, (we're busy and don't have time to make dozens of calls to CRO to get our ressies right) and they got us great rates; since they are so in tune with WDW, they know lots about the discounts available!

As a matter of fact, I plan to book a trip with them tomorrow!
I also have used Dreams and had a very good experience with them. Being an informed consumer is the trick to any purchase and a trip to DW is no exception. I made my discounted reservations then transferred them to Dreams after getting the same quoted price from them. I figure they are checking and I am checking on better prices, double the power. The help with the hard to get PS's was great. Even though I already had the itinerary completed prior to transferring the reservations (I'm very anal about plaqnning) it was good having that expert give their opinion to me. :jester:


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