Western...is there anything to do around the ports?


Earning My Ears
Aug 5, 2002
We are going on the Aug.31 Western with a 3 yr old and a 5yr old. I don't think we will be doing many of the excursions. Is there any thing to do around the ports within walking distance?
Nice beaches ect..? What about just hanging out on the boat?

Well, I know in Key West you can just get off the ship and walk around. If you want to do the Conch Train or Old Town Trolley, you can do those on your own (cheaper). The station isn't too far from the dock. Mallory Square is right by where the ship docks and most everything is within easy walking distance. (but take a stroller for the littlest one).
In Grand Caymen, catch a cab ($10???) to seven mile beach and hang out there for a few hours.
In Cozumel, we caught a cab at the pier and for $4/ea round trip, went to Playa Sol beach. Beautiful beach! beware that they do charge for chairs (I think it was a buck...no biggie) and of course, drinks. You can always call room service prior to docking and pack a small lunch to take with you.
Your other option in Coz is to take a cab (about $10...I think) to Chankunaab ($7pp...less for the wee ones) and spend the day there. Great place!
We did the Western on 7/6, there is easy shopping in all the Western Ports very close to where the ship docks. Conch Trail or Trolley Ride in Key West is very easy to do on your own. Take cab to 7 mile beach in Grand Cayman, ask to go to the beach across from the Holiday Inn, about a 10 minute cab ride, I think it was $4 pp, very nice beach and our taxi driver asked what time we wanted to be picked up and he was there waiting for us to return. We brought a soft sided cooler with us filled with drinks and snacks, it worked out very well. We took cab over to Mr. Sancho's beach in Coszumel. I think it was $15 total each way, free to get in, nice and clean, they sell drinks/water/food. Can not bring in your own food and drinks, but food is very reasonable. We had water/sodas/nachos and other snacks and our bill came to around $30 total.
We just returned from the 8/3 Western with a 5 and 3 yr old. They stayed on the boat while we did our excursions. There are nice beaches in GC which we saw. Cab ride is $5/person or you can try to negotiate a lower rate.

Since I am not a big fan of Mexico, and to prove it we had problems with an independently booked excursion, so we stayed on the boat. Really enjoyed it since the pool was practically empty.

Don't feel guilty for not getting off at any of the ports! There is so much to do on board, you can keep very busy. Personally, I didn't see much other than beaches for the young ones. Mine definitely preferred the pool or the Club.

Hi Nancy....if you don't mind me asking what problems did you have with your excursions. In Cozumel we just took a taxi to Mr. Sanchos beach and had a great day. Had brought sodas along in a collapsible cooler but was told I could not consume anything brought onto the beach, had to be purchased there.

Their prices were very reasonable and they even had a small pool for the kids.

We had 7 people go and the taxi one way was $30. We spent about $30 on food and drink and another $30 for the cab back to port. It came out much cheaper than it would have cost us for the Disney excursion.

There is a great snorkeling spot right at Paradise, about two minute walk from the terminal(south one). If you have gear its literally free. If not, you can rent it for nothing from Abanks right there. Not sure if your 3 year old will be up for it but you can take turns. There is a mini beach area right there too. If not, cab to the beach. Public beach is great! BTW, cab each way is about $3 per person so it almost makes more sense to rent a car which is like $26. only. You can then explore the island a little. Avis is right at the port
Thanks everyone for the info! I just didn't see many of the excursions that would appeal to all of us.
NancyZ, If you have any sug.,ideas, ect.. please feel free!


Would you like me to give you a sample of what is available to do on board while in port? I'd happily look over my navigators to give you a sense of activities.

My best suggestion is, if you want, leave the children in the Club for about 1-2 hours, that would give you and your husband time to walk around the ports. The Club pager is good for a 2 mile radius.

There is a nice beach on Cozumel my sister-in -law and family went to called Nachi Cocum (spelling?). She said her daughter loved playing in the water and the food was very good. Cab ride was about $7. You just get off the ship and find the taxis and ask for Nachi Cocum. They know where to go.

As for Grand Cayman, along 7 mile beach, we saw alot of nice beaches. The cab driver will even arrange a time to pick you up so there is no worry about getting back to the ship.

My boys loved the Club a great deal. They didn't quite understand about getting off the ship until Castaway Cay, so no loss on them missing each port. If your children are big sand diggers, I suggest maybe bringing a few sand toys. Mine loved that and at Castaway Cay they are very expensive. You can probably pick up a few cheap ones now that all the summer stuff is going on clearance.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I'd love to help you out. You can also email me at nancy@kt-llc.com.



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