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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by yasuern, Feb 24, 2003.

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    Dec 27, 2001
    Okay I need advice, opinions - HELP!

    We want to buy more points - We LOVE OKW!!!! - we will probably stay there more than any other DVC resort. Okay the ? - We have enough points to book our Dec vacation each year at the 11month window at OKW(I figure this ressie is the hardest to get) - Then we will probably go each summer(mid june-end of Aug) for 1week and also DH and I would like to go around March each year for an extended weekend 4nights(thurs-sun) w/o the kids and stay in a studio. except for the Dec vacation we are not fussy to which DVC /WDW resort we stay at(but would prefer OKW) - so if we bought VB to save alittle money and extended our point buying $$ does anyone see a problem with us being able to book at the 7month window at one of the other DVC/WDW resorts in the summer and March(never easter) with our VB points?

    2nd - whats Disney MB offer with VB points if any?

    Thanks in advance!:D
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    I think chances are good that you would be able to use Vero points to book at one of the WDW resorts. It may require spending some time on the wait list (or not) but I'm guessing most of your trips will come through.

    However, I wouldn't buy the points at Vero unless you also think you might use them at that resort as well. It's true that your initial cost could be less since MB is usually higher at Vero. However, the dues are higher and may continue to stay that way. You will be paying a premium on dues which is something to consider if you won't actually be using Vero.
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    Feb 6, 2000
    If you prefer to stay at OKW, I would buy there...even with the additional MB for VB. Not to say that VB isn't a beautiful resort, we took a day trip out to VB for lunch a few years ago. But, if you are able to get points that match your original contract use year at OKW it just seem it would be much easier as far a point use tracking, and you do have the added benefit (currently) of lower dues than VB. I don't see VB dues becoming competitive with OKW in the near future.

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