Well I can’t tell peeps that I know. DD boyfriend has a ring!


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Aug 21, 2004
Well I don’t know what promise ring actually stands for in life.
I’m not going to drill him~what does it mean. He is going to be in service 5 more years.

I laugh and say he is marking the girl~she is in engineering program~so a lot of guys chatting to her everyday.

I also look at it as. I’m dating you and I want us to stay exclusive. So I say sweet.


Oct 9, 2018
How sweet! Happy for your family <3

And yes, people do still do the whole "promise ring" thing but (usually) not for the same reasons as it stood for previously
My personal example: my then-boyfriend and I were in a long-distance relationship for several years. We acknowledged we wanted to get married, but didn't want to do so until we could live together for obvious reasons. He said he wouldn't propose for marriage to me until we could live together, but he would give me a promise/pre-engagement ring just to show that yes he is serious, yes I will get a proposal, etc. And no he didn't go to Zales/Jared/etc it was a $30 emerald ring which I loved to death and bawled over in the airport parking garage after he got off the plane for another visit to see me

This past December we moved in together, and on move-in day he actually proposed with a ring that has both our names and birthstones on it (we're getting married in 10/2019! Aaa!)

I know other people have their own reasons
But awww so cute <3
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    Oct 23, 2015
    Ok. So it's not an engagement ring.
    And it's not a going steady ring.
    So... what is it? What relationship level is in between "steady" and "engaged"? "Kinda engaged"?
    Well I've never really heard anyone in decades refer to themselves as 'going steady' (though I'm sure people do use that term out there) but really it's more like a promise to each other. That may mean different things to different people. Some it's exclusivity, some it's serious commitment, some it's actually commitment in terms of a future marriage. I don't think it's a one size fits all type thing. I think sometimes age, means and circumstance play a role in what it means to people. At age 20 (when I received my promise ring) I was thinking marriage. But if I was 15/16 I don't think I would have had that same lifetime thought but I probably would have thought about being long term with the person just marriage probably wouldn't have been on my mind. That's just me personally though.

    My promise ring was a "we want to get married someday but nowhere near soon"

    To give you an idea of at least for me here's my promise ring (on the left) and my engagement/wedding ring (on the right). My engagement ring is actually my wedding ring (easy to see why):
    upload_2019-3-6_21-48-5.png upload_2019-3-6_21-49-29.png

    But a promise ring can be many different things. I'm just giving an example of mine.


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    Jun 20, 2009
    My husband and I got matching rings after we had been dating for about a year so I guess you could say we had promise rings. We were in our early to mid 30's and picked them up at the local fair. Nothing fancy, just silver rings engraved with "I lava you" on them. His sister freaked out on us when she saw them since she thought we had gone and gotten married without telling anyone.
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