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Aug 14, 1998
“To all who come to this happy place, Welcome. Disney (Vacation Club) Land is your land. Here, age relives fond memories of the past and youth may savor the promise and challenge of the future. … “

For those who don’t recognize those words, they are the opening lines to Walt Disney’s dedication speech (with liberties taken) at the opening of Disneyland on July 17, 1955. While the Disney Vacation Club began many years after that date, the concept and intent of DVC embraces the same thought and purpose.

Our goal on the DVC Forum is provide a place for discussing all things related to purchasing DVC with other members and non-members alike. We strive to offer a comfortable setting to ask questions and share experiences relating to ownership of the Disney Vacation Club.

Per the guidelines of the site itself, we do ask that questions and comments on this forum be limited to the topic of DVC. Questions and comments about DVC resort facilities and services, restaurants and programs are welcome. Questions about DVC membership policy are also appropriate for discussion. There are many here with vast experience in all things DVC – all eager to share that knowledge and experience with others. In many cases, the questions asked by those new to the concept allows that very experienced group the opportunity for viewing the organization in a new light- seeing it through new eyes.

Please feel free to share your DVC thoughts and questions with DVC policies freely on this forum. For those unfamiliar with the DVC concept , please review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and then feel free to pose new questions about DVC on our board. Information about specific DVC resorts and policies have intentionally been left out of the FAQ to allow for up-to-date interaction here on the boards.

We do ask that no For Sale posts be made anyplace on the site. This includes making mention of resort, Use Year or number of points when requesting information about selling. "Want-to-Buy" posts are also not allowed. If you wish to rent or offer a reservation made using DVC points, please post on our DVC Rent/Trade Board.

The DVC Planning Board is the best place to ask questions and share experiences about enjoying DVC vacations.It is also available to share DVC purchase congratulations, DVC resort trip reports, trip countdowns, well wishes for upcoming trips, suggestions about things to do at the resorts, dining options, grocery suggestions, speculation about future DVC options, discussion of non-DVC programs like DME, DDE and others and other such member-to-member comment and discussion are all welcome on the Planning Board.

If you have questions about other WDW resorts, restaurants, weather, crowds and other non-DVC related information, please post those on the appropriate boards.(Resorts, Restaurants, Trip Planning, Rumors, Budget, etc.). If you have question/comment about non-Disney topics, please post those on the DIS Community Board.

DVC Resort Studio and 1BR Villas have a stated occupancy of four (4) plus a child under age 3 in the provided Pack-N-Play crib. 2BR Villas are stated as eight (8) and Grand Villas/Beach Homes state occupancy of twelve (12). DVC Resorts will not provide extra beds or linens, but have not been in the habit of bedchecks in the rooms in the past.

If you wish to contact DVC, please feel free to use the toll-free contact for general sales information 1-800-500-3990 or 1-800-800-9100. The free video and information packet may be requested at that number. We do ask that contact information about Member Services NOT be posted on this site.

The DIS has a wealth of content about Walt Disney World readily accessible online. There is information about all Theme Parks, Resorts, Restaurants (including menus), Tours, Special Events, Holiday Programs and more all available online. Most can be accessed directly from the WDWINFO main page or from the sidebar links on the left side of the wdwinfo site pages. While we do welcome information found on other internet sites, as a courtesy, we do ask that links to other sites not be provided for information already available on our site.

Here are some links to DVC information here on the DIS:​

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