Welcome Back Ultrasaur !


Nov 12, 1999
Today, April 9th, the "new" Ultrasaur made it's triumphant return to the Jurassic Park River Adventure. Even the new skin looks incredible!

The attraction is really coming together, rode today and was very impressed with how much the current technical staff has worked to get the attraction up to 100%. Honestly, I saw very few quality issues that need to be corrected...

...way to go IOA Tech Services - thanks to your hard work the Jurassic Park River Adventure looks better now (technically) than it did opening day back in 1999.

Thank You!
This kind of dedication and hard work is happening in all our attractions(I can speak for that side of the park) and you should see improvements across the board. Thanks, everyone for your patience while we work out all the kinks.
Great to hear. However, tell all those summer adventurers to be kind, so everything will be in great working shape when I'm there in November.

Good to see a continuing commitment to quality. I think this is an important element in the “word of mouth” advertising that is crucial to the park’s success.

Too easy for people to say to their neighbor when asked about IOA “Yea, they had some really good rides, but the place seemed a little run-down. Just not a D.. park”.

Of course, then it would be less crowded for the rest of us.
I was there yesterday! Didn't know it was the first day back for the Ultrasaur ... the ride is really lacking without it, I was there in February and really missed him!

The Ultrasaur looks *much* better than it did before ... I noticed that and was very impressed.

The one thing that always really bothers me though is all the steel framing you can see through the water around the dinos ... wish you could figure out how to have it deeper in the water so it would be less obvious ...
Actually, that "steel framing" is the maintenance pits surrounding our dinos. It's one of the only ways to really get in and work on the dinosaurs without completely draining the 14-foot lagoon every night!

Believe it or not, while the Ultrasaur was mysteriously hiding behind those bushes for 3 months, that pit was emptied so tech services could work on the dinosaur from below the water level.

I agree, they may not look the greatest, but it is needed.
I am surprised by your account of the ultrasaur project, these things are true. The process described is on the money. It is hard to fully hide everything that makes the machine work, which is why our job is so unique. We must work around many obstacles to complete the task because of the entertainment aspect. Sometimes I can identify with the pyramid builders. We work very hard under difficult circumstances to make sure the show works well, and know when it doesn't. Much to do still, in my opinion, but we keep doing it. When it's all done we'll find new things to add to make it better.


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