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Aug 4, 2009
Hello my name is Danielle and Just a little background about me and what I am doing. Before I started a Nutritional Cleansing program I was a mess. I was 150lbs, miserable, depressed, & sick. I would eat and immediately have an IBS flare up and be in the bathroom 5 minutes later. I would have migraines at least 3x a month. I was exhausted . At work I'd crash right after lunch and be almost falling asleep and cranky for the rest of the day. I'd come home and I'd just want to sit on the couch. I didn't play with my kids, I would always have an excuse or just get cranky with them. After watching my friend lose weight and feel amazing I finally said to my husband enough is enough we either do this together or I'll do it myself.

My 1st 30 days I felt amazing, my energy came up to levels I haven't had since high school. I lost 26" and 10 lbs.

Now 6 months later, I'm almost at my goal of a healthy BMI, I've completed a 16 week challenge and have lost over 25lbs.

We are going to Disney for Christmas Day and I'm hoping to get to my goal weight by then. I'm in this group to be held accountable and some motivation from those who love Disney as much as I do.

If interested in knowing more about the program Send me a message!

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Oct 8, 2001
Congrats on your weight loss and regaining your health! that is an awesome story! WISH is a great place to find others to keep accountable for you next goals!


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