Week of Sep 25 - 2006 Half-Full Marathon Info/Training Thread

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  1. chimera

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    Dec 17, 2004
    Hello everyone!

    For those new to us, we're a group of people who are planning to participate in the 2006 and/or 2007 Disney Half or Full marathons. We range from non-running beginners to triathletes. Come join us!

    Here's the Marathon FAQ, a great place to answer your marathon questions:
    Disney Marathon FAQ
    And some websites for further running/walking info:
    The John Bingham site:
    Jeff Galloway's site:

    Pacing Calculator

    Compromised on my 5K today. I decided not to do the 5 miles yesterday (thanks for the advice, Carrie!), but increased my pace for the 5K to W3/R2. I'm supposed to start that next week anyway, so thought why not! I was hoping to finish in under 45 to beat my last 5K. Today's clock time was 41:43 :banana: The frustrating/irritating part of that...a group of about 10 of us were held up by a police officer who wanted to move some traffic, so my time would have been a LOT closer to 41:00! My Garmin time was 41:18...I turned it off while we were stopped for the traffic. But still overall very happy with my time...I've come a long way since my first 5K at 49:59.

    Heather...glad to see you're okay! I'm glad you didn't get stuck in that traffic trying to get out and that you were able to ride the storm out fairly well!

    kath...wtg on your half! :banana: Sounds like a tough course.

    TIff...wtg on your first 5K! :banana: My Garmin never exactly agrees with the course either, but then most races, I'm not sure where the official start line is since I start in the back of the pack. And I often forget to turn the Garmin off when I cross the finish :blush:

    Lisa...great pace! Which bridge did you run? How's your back holding up?

    Krista...fabulous pace! Cadillac looks like he'll be fun, but I still miss Warren Sapp and John Lynch :guilty: Excited that the Gators are still undefeated as of today! :cheer2:

    Carrie...how did your 8 miles go? And your busy weekend?

    Cam...how 'bout you? Looks like we're all running around crazy this weekend.

    So...anyone ready to order WISH team tshirts?
  2. chimera

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    Dec 17, 2004
    Bumping above last week and adding a soccer wrap-up for Craig ;)

    DD12 is playing up two levels at U15 and lost a heartbreaker in a tournament today. They gave up one goal on a missed offsides call and had an own goal from an inexperienced keeper. Still a chance to make the finals tomorrow though!
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  4. TiffJ

    TiffJ DIS Veteran

    Dec 26, 2002
    Thanks Mel for the encouragement. I am excited I have my first race under my belt. I'm going to be doing another one on 10/15. It's for breast cancer so I'm really excited about that one.

    I'm ready for that awesome WISH board t-shirt!

    I love my Garmin. I think it will be a very helpful training tool. I'm supposed to do 4 miles today but the weather might not be cooperating & the gym is closed on Sundays.

    Glad our Texas WIshers are o.k.!
  5. keenercam

    keenercam Loves Mickey!

    Jan 18, 2001
    Hi, Mel! Awesome time!!!! You must be so proud of yourself! That is such a HUGE improvement all at once! I have had those frustrating experiences with police officers too, but with me, I have sensed an attitude that because I am walking, it doesn't really matter much if they hold me up. That was disappointing, but I got past it! :teeth:

    No workouts this weekend after a 5:45 a.m. commitment to help run a pancake breakfast yesterday and working all day today. Training plan starts 1 week from today, and I am gearing myself up to really stick to that commitment regardless of the work and personal demands on my time.

    So great to see how well everyone is doing. Gosh, I can't wait to meet you guys. There have been so many times where you guys have been my lifeline to this new lifestyle and you didn't even know it. I wish I could give each and every one of you a :hug:!

    Oh, and I am definitely ready for a tee shirt! I realized today that I would actually go out in public in a tech tee shirt. The 3x/4x shirts I was wearing 8 months ago are going in the goodwill bag and the 1xs are now my oversized shirts to wear over my sausage shorts! ;) So, I think I could actually wear one of those wicking shirts without too much embarassment!
  6. Lisa loves Pooh

    Lisa loves Pooh DIS Veteran

    Apr 18, 2004
    I am about ready to just chop off of my legs!

    I am having knee problems...

    Do we have any Massage therapists here. The only thing I have found that makes any sense is that possibly I have so much build up in the trigger points...the couple that I have found--plus massage a certain area on my quad, provide instant relief...though the achiness comes back. Did this yesterday. Today--the pain is mostly gone...did wear heels to church this a.m. but ditched them as soon as I got home.

    Taking an ibuprofen/painkiller--icing...and will begin doing some stretching. I won't be running this week--probably swim in the pool to make up the time/energy expenditure. And then do the long run on Saturday to see if any difference was made.

    I am just baffled and stumped b/c none of this makes any sense at all. No trauma. Probably a little too much speed in the past couple of weeks.

    Any ideas on that trigger point theory?
  7. monte

    monte DIS Veteran

    Dec 4, 2001
    I started to incorporate alittle jogging into my walks. I have to start out slow since I have a bad knee, but so far so good. :cool1:
  8. plutosmyfav

    plutosmyfav <font color=deeppink>Has high hopes, high apple pi

    Sep 19, 2002
    Heather-- glad you are safe, I've been worried about you.

    Lisa-- I'm so sorry your knees are acting up.

    TiffJ-- Yeah for your 5K :cheer2: Excellent!

    Kath-- Congrats on the Half! Sounds like a killer. I have a "hilly" half next Saturday. I'll be able to empathize :grouphug:

    I am a little disappointed with my performance this weekend. I planned a 12 miler which is short for me and expected it to be easy. It wasn't. My overall pace was worse than last week's 15 miler :confused3 (and I haven't done a real long run in weeks). But I ran Friday night, Sat morning and then right into DDs Wog, totallying 22.7 miles in 18 hours. Maybe that's not enough rest. Friday night was a 6.5 miler with avg pace 9:47, Sat Am as 12.2 miles, here's the splits:

    Sept 24
    1 9:37
    2 9:51
    3 9:29
    4 9:58
    5 10:26
    6 9:52
    7 10:48
    8 9:40
    9 9:27
    10 9:11
    11 9:25
    12 9:00
    .2 8:52

    Overall pace: 9:43

    DD's wogs are progressing nicely. I just checked the stats and see that she's gone from an overall pace of 14:01 to 12:20 and increased distance from 2.5 miles first time out to 4.0 miles. (Don't you just hate teenagers!!!!! :earboy2: ) I told her she'll be ready for a 5K in the spring. That would be great.

    I'll be tapering this week for Applefest. Woo Hoo. My big concern this week will be psyching myself up, do I try to go all out for the best time I can, or do I settle in and enjoy it? I know the wise choice is to settle in and enjoy it. I'm not often the wisest gal around.

    One observation I have made recently is that I often feel very tired and "ready to quit" around mile 4-5. I will remind myself of this on race day and not panic. I don't seem to hit my stride until way into the run (mile 6 or 7).

    Once the half is out of the way I'm going to get serious about my distance again.

  9. keenercam

    keenercam Loves Mickey!

    Jan 18, 2001
    Lisa -- I am so sorry you are having trouble with your knees. I have NOTHING to offer in the way of advice -- just :hug: and :wizard:

    Sunny -- I can't imagine your body can take that kind of stress with so little sleep. Back off a little, kiddo, and enjoy all the "pieces". Kudos to your DD for improving so much!

    Tiff-- Congratulations! It's great for us beginners that there are so many opportunities, but there is a real threat of becoming addicted to the whole "find another 5K" quest! ;) We may try to do one Wednesday night for the American Red Cross with all money going to Katrina relief efforts.

    Mel -- Forgot to extend my congratulations to your DD for her soccer team's awesome efforts in the tournament game. Hope all goes well today!!! :wizard:

    Monte -- I learned the hard way not to push too hard when first adding jogging, and, thanks to my buddies here, I learned not to get discouraged if my walking pace slowed a little as I recovered from those jogging intervals. Enjoy!

    So jealous -- It is a gorgeous day here and DH (KeenHo) went out to the track to get in a long run (he has been doing 9-11 miles at a shot to get ready for his 15K on 10/9). Hope you all have nice cool, sunny weather where you are! :sunny:
  10. TXBelle

    TXBelle Queen of the Pirates

    Nov 29, 2004
    It sounds like everyone is doing great in their training. I did 5 miles last night. This morning I rode my bike 11.44 miles. I wanted to ride more, but the wind was making the ride a stonker. I decided to stop for now and maybe try to go out again tonight. It is back to work tomorrow. The kids are out of school until Wednesday due to Hurricane Rita. They want everyone who evacuated to take their time getting home.

    I sure hope Melissa is surviving on her adventure race. Here's lots of PD so that she makes it back safely. :wizard: :wizard: :wizard:
  11. solotraveler

    solotraveler DIS Veteran

    May 18, 2003
    Hi everyone!

    Tiff- Congrats on your 5K!! That's wonderful!

    Kath- great job on the half! Have you ever done the Marine Corps full?? I'm a DC native and was thinking about going home to run the '06 MCM and was looking for people's experiences.

    Sunny- :worship: Don't sell yourself short-- I would LOVE to be able to run 12 miles at your pace! Great job!

    Lisa- Ouch, sorry about those knees. :guilty: No advice other than to take it easy and take care of those bad boys!

    Thank you all so much for helping me through my running funk last week. I really appreciate it! That said (teensy small voice.... i skipped my 8 miler this weekend...teensy small voice) I know, I know--- SO BAD! Long story short, I set myself up to fail and miss that run. I debated with myself about trying it Saturday, but the MFM plan clearly says that if you miss a run, it's gone. Can't make it up, move on to the next one.

    Today I did my 45 minutes (3 run/2 walk) and did 4.93 miles for a 9:07/mile pace. :goodvibes During my run this morning, I realised that maybe it was a good thing to miss that run, get ticked off and get my head back in the game. Even when it started to rain halfway through, :rolleyes: I didn't care--- I was running and that's what I WANTED to be doing right then. So it looks like I'm back in the saddle, right where I need to be. Not going to miss any workouts this week!!

    Happy training everyone!
    Solotraveler :earsboy:
  12. Lisa loves Pooh

    Lisa loves Pooh DIS Veteran

    Apr 18, 2004
    I do 4:1 intervals....I may keep that up but just jog slower. :(

    Bought a knee brace--the simplest kind (like an ace bandage--and no hole for the kneecap). They only had one in my size, so only one knee gets it...amazing difference. Wish I new how it worked to get a better idea of the culrpit.
  13. monte

    monte DIS Veteran

    Dec 4, 2001
    I should look into getting a knee brace. I have 2 screws in my left knee, thanks to a poor attempt to ski......we live across the street from a ski lift, but NEVER again.....

    It's gorgeous here now with all the leaves changing color.....I just love walking on the bike path, along the creek, and enjoying the Aspens' colors. I'm so into the scenery I forget the miles! ;)
  14. princessmomma

    princessmomma DIS Veteran

    Aug 17, 2001
    Wow, everyone is doing so well!! Isn't it wonderful when you see the improvement?

    I had a 10 miler on Friday, finished in 1:44 minutes, which is about a 10:30 mph pace. It felt really good. I took it nice and easy and felt great the rest of the day too. Yesterday was a rest day and today I had a 45 minute recovery run. Funny how I felt, it was a run to sort of work the kinks out. I ran it a little too fast and I am paying for it now.

    Solo, so glad to feel better about running. I am glad you posted that comment about missing a run then just move on. Sometimes, I can get down on myself if I don't go by the book.

    TxBelle, good job on your 5 miler, glad you are safe!

    Sunny, 22 miles in 18 hours!!! I would be horizontal for a week!

    monte, that is great that you are starting to jog a bit, I really don't know if I could keep up a 16 minute mile walking without breaking into a little jog here and there. Take it easy and you will be surprised how your endurance builds up.

    Lisa, now no chopping off legs today! I hope the knee brace works.

    Cam, wow, do I ever relate to your comment about the people here being a support system for us. I find a lot of encouragement and helpful hints here as well. You are doing so well, keep it up.

    Tiff! Awesome first race! Doesn't it feel great? Just love the excitement that comes with race day.

    Have a great week everyone,

  15. zoegirl

    zoegirl DVC Wannabe

    Mar 20, 2005
    Hey Everybody!! :wave:
    Remember me????
    I am sorry I have not posted in a few weeks, I just haven't made the time. I recently started back to work full time (well 4 days a week) and by the time I go by the gym or run in the evenings I really don't want to play on the computer at home. PLUS my DH hasn't traveled in a couple weeks so I've wanted to spend the extra time with him. He's been traveling every week for the last year and a half. Glad to have him home but boy have our grocery bills gone up :) .
    I do however read your posts when I have a few spare minutes at work, and it looks as if every one is well on their way....
    We (Christa, her DH and I) started our double runs this week to train for the goofy. We ran 6 on Thursday and 12 on Friday. Neither was a bad run, although Thursday morning I decided since I was "only" running 6 I wouldn't do the normal coffee/food thing before the run (how snobby was that?). Not a smart choice, I struggled through most of the run. I guess not deviating from the routine is a good thing right? I was really nevous about the 12 miler on Friday, not that the mileage was bad, we had run around 16 a couple of weeks ago, I was just nervous about running long back to back days. Thanks to Christa's smart thinking we did really well...well I think we did anyway. She said in the beginining that we were going to make ourselves start slow then pick up the pace towards the end. She was right, by taking it slow I had more energy towards the end, and didn't feel completely sapped when we stopped. Not that I wasn't tired but I still felt pretty good. That will be hard on race day because of the excitement but it's a good goal to try to have.
    Other than that everything is pretty boring, it's the same thing every week, run, bike, run, bike, rest, run.......blah, blah.
    I hope you all are doing well too. I am excited about meeting everyone, and can't wait to see how everyone will fair in the coming weeks. One of the cool signs you will see during the race is one that says "Sports do not build character, they reveal it." I have thought about that quote often over the last couple years. For those of you that are doing this for the first time, you will soon see what I'm talking about. It says alot about your character that you are willing to get up and run for 6, 10, 15, 20+ miles, and when you feel like quiting (and you will believe me) you keep pushing ahead towards the goal.
    I hope everyone has a good training week, I promise I won't wait so long to post again.

    Until Later,
  16. Rockclimber

    Rockclimber Mouseketeer

    Jul 8, 2004

    Hey Lisa,

    Have you ever considered that your knee pain may be associated with a tight IT band? That was my problem this past May. I went to an orthoped and then to a PT. Even though my pain was in my knee, kinda on the outside, they said my problem was actually located in my hip.

    The Iliotibial band (sp) IT for short is a large band that connects the knee to the hip. What apparently happens is that when the IT band is tight it "strums" over the bulge of bone in the knee. Pain will usually begin after a few miles and let me tell you it goes from an ache to a limping pain with added mileage. The actual solution is not found around the knee, but up in the hip area. The course of treatment is IB profen and ice. It is best to use an ice massage technique. When your knee is hurting use a frozen water bottle and massage the knee for 10-15 min. Limit your running to mileage that doesn't hurt. For example if it begins hurting at 2 miles, stop and walk. Increase your mileage as the pain subsides. After each short run, say 6 miles or less do a series of stretches. It is pointless on runs longer than 6 miles. My normal stretching routine takes between 20 - 40 mins. Seems like a long time, but it is so well worth it. Work on Runner type stretches. Some great stretches for the IT band are: http://www.rice.edu/~jenky/sports/itband.html
    I cant find a link for my favorite IT stretch, so I'll try to describe it. Get down on one knee, now take the leg that is forward and cross it so it is now on the ground in front of you (with the sole of that foot now facing your the opposite side), slide you back leg further back until you are practically laying down. the farther forwar you bring your body and the farther down you push your pelvis the more you will feel the outside of the leg stretch. If you feel you are uncomfortable in this position simply roll over to that side. I hold every stretch for 1 min. The final thing to do is a deep tissue massage. The PT sold me a dense foam roll that is about 8 inches in diameter. Place the roll under your leg, turn your body so the roll is on the outside of your leg, quad area, and using your arms to balance place your weight on the roll. Now roll the leg back and forth. Break the area into thirds, start with the knee area and run your leg over it for 15 seconds, then move the roll up on your leg, around mid thigh, then finally from the buttocks to the upper hip area. At first it will be very hard and will acutally hurt, but gradually you will be able to tolerate more and more time. This technique will lengthen that fibrous band. The purpose of a deep tissue massage like this is to very gradually and gingerly tear those fiber, so they will heal faster and stronger, much the same way lifting weights works. You can use a swim noodle , but it is not as dense and won't get as deep of a massage. I have been doing this technique since May and what I first thought was a run ending injury I have amazed myself at just how great I feel after a run. No more pain in the knee.

    Other runner type stretches include stretching the piriformis, gluteals, hamstring, quads, and Gastrocsoleus (calf).

    I hope this helps any of you who are having knee problems possibly associated with IT band. A runner never knows about the IT band until he/she hurts it, then we become experts. Also feel free to send me a personal e-mail, the PT gave me a ton of illustrations of the stretches. I can always fax them to you. May save you a trip to the orthoped.

  17. littlegreydonkey

    littlegreydonkey DIS Veteran

    Nov 7, 2003
    Well I'm back in NZ so it's back to the long posts - and actually being able to read how everyone is doing properly instead of skimming it at a rate of knots. Glad everyone is well. Well, I only managed to miss one long run while I was away in London (late night, too much vodka, last time I was going to see friends for a year etc etc etc) but I then ended up in Singapore on the 29th floor of a hotel with an outside lift - did I mention I don't like heights!. There is an inside lift that goes to floor 21, but after climbing 8 flights about 3 times in one morning in 30 degree heat, the idea of heading down to the gym didn't appeal so I skipped my short runs last week - and ooooh did I feel it on my 10 miler this weekend - not to mention the fact that I had a headwind there AND back - how can that be?. Still all better now - sadly however, I have come back to find out that my 'supersize dog' running buddies seem to be doing a marathon in about 6 weeks and so tonight my nice 3 mile run I was scheduled to do this evening seems to have turned into a 8 miler (including a 4 mile 'race') - and that's taking the easy option, they're all doing the 6 mile race!!! will let you know how that went tomorrow (I don't think it's going to be pretty).

    Anyway, just thought I'd let you know I was back. Helen
  18. Calcio

    Calcio DIS Veteran

    Sep 12, 2002
    Thanks for the soccer update Mel. I'm always ready to hear about or watch a match. Those own goals are a killer. Anyone who has played a lot has one to talk about. Mine came in September of 1975 in a college game, played in my hometown with my father and girlfriend watching, an attempted bicycle clear at the 6 which sadly went right into the upper corner. After it happened I looked over at my Dad and he gave me the goat laugh. :rotfl:

    This weekend has been one of the good ones. Woke up Saturday at 6:15 to 50 degree temps and low humidities. Out running by 7 a.m. and did 10.1 effortless miles. My best run in years, and I could have done the 13.1 at the same pace without too much fatigue.

    Back home, ice and shower, and back to campus for Alumni weekend. Saw the alumni soccer game (those guys could play a few years ago, but now they stink, very funny to watch), saw lots of alums from recent years, then watched our men win 3-0.

    Home for dinner, then out to Gillette Stadium to watch the Revs beat NY/NJ 1-0 in a very entertaining match.

    Today a good lift session and 45 hard minutes on the bike.

    2 excellent workouts, 3 soccer matches, and one afternoon with many young adults who I thought a lot of when I had them in class.

    At times like this I use a favorite line of a good friend, "is this a great country or what?"

  19. gatorphipps

    gatorphipps Yes I run like a girl...Now try to keep up.=-)

    Jun 11, 2005
    Hey all!
    Tiff - A big congrats to you on your race! WTG!! :banana: :cool1: :banana: I still remember my 1st 5k! It will always be something you look back on with fond memories!

    Kath - Great 1/2! Congrats to you too! You are so on your way! :banana: :teeth: :banana:

    Sunny - Your 12 mile time was great so don't be disappointed (sp?). Please don't over do it. There is such a thing as too much training.

    I see my running partner is back online! :cool1: It was a great double run this weekend. I was not even hurting. If anyone knows about Charlotte then they know about the East Blvd hill. That is the end of all our long runs (or Morehead Rd - I call it Morehell) and it is a hill that is around 2 miles long. I have to say is is not a small hill either. I hate hills! We also have 2 other hills like that @ mile 3 and 6....so to say I was not sore is a great thing. I wish I had a Garmin (Grimlin :rotfl: ) so I could show you the grades of these hills....
    The only thing that hurt me was acid reflux (sp?). :guilty: I had to take 4 tums (and had to stop an buy the last 2 in a pack). Never had it until this go around with training. Hits @ mile 6. I am not sure what to do b/c I only have it when I long run over 6 miles. :confused3 It is a big pain - no pun....

    Well later! Christa
  20. perfectmatch300

    perfectmatch300 DIS Veteran

    Nov 29, 2000
    I'm starting to get back into training now that the bulk of our move is done. Walked for about an hour today but not sure how far I went as I haven't measured the new neighborhood yet. I'll have to do that soon. Actually I do have part of the area measured, but not the walk we did today. I do feel like all the "cross training" I did while moving seems to have helped some, as my pace overall today was pretty good, and I did not stall out on the hills either on today's walk or yesterday's bike ride.

    Mel, great job on your 5K! You have really come a long way since that first one!

    Helen, welcome back!

    Lisa, hope your knees are feeling better.

    Sounds like everyone's training is going great. You all really motivate me!
  21. kathcoll

    kathcoll Earning My Ears

    Aug 31, 2005
    "Have you ever done the Marine Corps full?? I'm a DC native and was thinking about going home to run the '06 MCM and was looking for people's experiences."

    Solo, this is my first MCM, second marathon - I did Dublin Ireland last year (a fantastic first marathon!) I'll let you knw how it was when I finish! I live in suburban Maryland and work in DC, and have done lots of training in the DC metro area - there are an abundance of great trails with historic sites all along the way-favorites are Capital Crescent from Bethesda to Lincoln Memorial (and back) or Mount Vernon trail from LBJ Park along the Potomac to Mount Vernon.

    Although we frequently visited WDW when our kids were kids and have owned a timeshare in Kissimmimme (sp?) for 18 years we haven't been back for several years. This January will be the first time DH and I have travelled to WDW by ourselves. I'm really looking forward to visiting the parks - Animal Kingdom wasn't even started last time we were there - in fact DH hasn't ever been to MGM. We'll be looking for places of interest to mid-50s folks without kids!

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