WebMD article on trials for Diabetes 'Cure'!!

That headline is so misleading. It would be a possible cure for type 1 diabetes but the most prevalent type is type 2 and it would not do one bit of good for them. They just give people false hope.
The fact is that they aren't even trying for a cure for type 2 diabetes.
Thanks for the link! It is an interesting article. Personally, I feel that if they find a cure for type I (insulin dep.) then there will be an overflow to type II.
Unfortunately probably not at all. THe mechanisms for the 2 types are completely different. A type 2 diabetic makes plenty of insulin but the body doesn't recognize it or use it properly. Type 1 is an autoimmune disease where the islets cells are destroyed and the body no longer preoduces insulin for the body to use. Effect in the long run is the same but the cases are completely different so a cure for one will have little if any effect on the other.


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