Weather in Late March-Early April


Earning My Ears
Oct 20, 2000
Can anyone give me an idea of what the weather is like late March into early April? I am not sure what to pack for my 2 yr old girl. Do I need to bring a coat (raincoat), sweatshirts, etc., or is it warm and humid and all we would need are shorts? Is it good swimming weather?
the weather was great! It was definitely warmer than usual last year (i think near record highs), and we wore shorts and short sleeve shirts everyday. I packed sweatshirts for my kids and never needed them. One evening it was windy, and a light jacket would have been sufficient for a 2 yr old. It only rained once (thunder and downpour for 2 hours) the whole week we were there. We swam in the afternoon, and in the evenings (pool was heated). The weather was beautiful! Heat, but no humidity. Have a great trip!
We were there 4/1-4/8 last year. It was high 80's during the day, but a couple of nights we needed sweatshirts. One of the days it was in the 60's and we wore shorts/sweatshirts and my 3 year old wore a sweatsuit (brought the shorts/t-shirt just in case it warmed up). You won't need a heavy coat but I would bring at least 1 jacket/sweatshirt and 1 sweatpants for each of you.



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