We are moving to florida what will the benifits be??

Mom of teens

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Nov 29, 2000
Hi this will be our last winter in the poconos we are heading south what are the benifits of being a florida residents??

Mom of teens
I'm moving to Orlando,Florida within the year myself. There are several reasons:

1: No state Tax

2: The weather!

3: The school system is better than Georgia's

4: The cost of living is less than Atlanta's, where I live.

5: The flatness of the geography, I like that!

6: The proximity to BEACHES! Right now I'm landlocked and it's driving me CRAZY!

7: Of course, the Florida Resident passes to Disney and Universal! :D Can't wait to be eligible for them!

8: I'm bringing my parents and the stress factor is much less.

I'm looking forward to hearing the plusses from current residents!


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You will have warm weather and sunshine almost all year long. You will be close to WDW. The people in Florida all seem happier to me, maybe it is the weather??? You get a lot more bang for your buck when purchasing a house as compared to what houses cost in the North East. The car insurance in Florida is very low compared to up North. The real estate taxes are more reasonable than up North. Utilities, while they are currently climbing in price, are still lower than up North. The job market is wide open in Florida, unfortunately the rate of pay is lower than up North. There are lots of early bird specials at many restaurants in Florida, just follow the senior citzens and you will find them! Many of the big non-Disney hotels offer great free buffets at happy hour, just follow the tourists and you will find them! :D LOL You will be entitled to Florida resident prices on a WDW AP. If you have school aged children, Florida has fantastic tuition rates at their state colleges. There are many beautiful places in Florida, especially the west coast and the Florida Keys. You do not need to spend a lot of money on heavy winter clothing--one coat and a couple sweaters and you'll be fine. You will never have to shovel snow again.
These are just a few positives right off the top of my head. Can you tell I love Florida?? I already have a house in Florida but unfortunately I have to work a few more years to build up my pension before I can make Florida my permanent residence and the NJ shore my summer home. Yes, I am planning on being a snow bird! You are lucky, I am jealous! ;)



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