WDW Scrapbook Order Question?


Apr 24, 2014
Just went on my second trip to WDW with my kids this summer. I am getting ready to print out the pictures for a Project Life album. For some reason this trip is really throwing me for a PL scrapbook.

It was the first trip where we did more than Magic Kingdom. We spent two days at Epcot and two days Magic Kingdom. One day at HS, one say at AK, 1.5 says at TL and 1.5 says at BB. The days weren't back to back.

My question is;
1. Do you scrapbook all of the Magic Kingdom pages together and then all of the Epcot pages together, etc with all of the parks?
2. Do you just go chronologically - scrap all of the parks in the order that you visited them and have possibly HS, EP, MK, TL, EP, BB, AK, MK, BB/TL?

I can't figure out which way would make more sense and/or be more cohesive so I thought I'd ask others who may have complete more Disney scrapbooks than I have how they normally do it.



Scrapbook Mom
Dec 28, 2005
I scrap chronologically too. We do a lot of park hopping and water park and then park days so even doing it chornologically it looks almost like it is by park.

But there is no right or wrong way to do this book. Maybe do a change up and do by park..

Have fun with it!!! :)


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Sep 15, 2000
I find it easier to do by park. Since we do a lot of park hopping I find it difficult to do it chronologically but like others have said its up to each individual, there is no right way or wrong way, its YOUR way! Whatever you find comfortable and inspiring. Good luck, I'm sure whatever way you do it will be great!


aka Kathy
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Oct 2, 1999
I have scrapped my 15 trips with pretty much the same format:

---Opening page with a trip itinerary


---a page or two showing some trip facts such as flights and costs



---Then usually I do each park plus a page or two for whatever resort we stayed at.

---Sometimes I also add a page listing our trip "firsts" and favorites.

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Mary Pops In

Earning My Ears
Jul 28, 2010
I'm stuck in chronological scrapbooking mode and have a hard time breaking the habit.
I'm interested in knowing if you're planning mostly 4x4 pages or 4x6 and 2x3 PL.
Keep us posted on your progress, please!


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