WDW Resort TV, "Zip A Dee Do Da, Tip for Today!"


Jan 28, 2002
Can anyone tell me how to get the resort commercials tv loop (you know, the "zip a dee do dah, tip for today" , "Water park fun", "Downtown Disney", etc. etc.) from Audiogalaxy?

It was posted here about 6 months ago, and all of a sudden I can't get into it. Did they remove it? Please help, I'm in Severe Disney withdrawal. Listening to that makes me feel as if I'm there:).

I don't have the answer but I sure would like to know how to do this too! thanks for posting the question.

I just found out that the website has a lawsuit filed against it by the Recording Industry Association of America, basically the same thing that happened to knapster.

I am so bummed! You could get ANYTHING there. I had "Magic Kingdom area music", the "monorail song", and some other rare songs as well. Darn It anyway!@#$@$*%.
Second best --
Go to www.live365.com
Search for Disney, and you will see several radio stations that play nothing but Disney -- anything from movie songs to -------- Tip for Today and even entire rides! :bounce:
Great stuff to surf to!
I just posted a message about this on the Parks Board LOL!! We actually JUST watched this morning the resort channel that we taped last year!! I get goosebumps!!
FunkyLamb (cool name ;) ), would you please check the spelling of that link and try it again? I couldn't get it to work.

I listen to MouseWorld radio, and they play those commercials all the time, including the zipedeedoodah tip for today!! I get a lump in my throat too. I'm sooooooo homesick!
Thanks LUV2ROAM----The site is great and now I'm getting even more excited about October trip. :)


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