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Aug 11, 2000
Some of you are amazing. We used to do it your way but just don't feel like making it all day any more. I remember the days of lists too but now I just rely on memory and our ADR (s) of the day are all that are written down.

Like I mentioned previously, my biggest dislike is carrying a lot of stuff though. I feel that having to worry about bags and packs slows a person down.


May 19, 2010
*hiding detailed spreadsheets behind her back*

Commando? No way! :scared1:

I'm trying really hard to keep from getting sucked over to the commando darkside but I am type A and I already have the general schedule for our Dec trip done. I told my DH today that I need to go through the detailed list of attractions and start planning our days. He just rolled his eyes. :laughing:


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Aug 14, 2008
Count me in I always walk around the park without undergarments.
You read my mind! :lmao:

I hate this term used in this way--I immediately think of not wearing undergarments. There's got to be a better term for its intended meaning on this site. I'm sick of thinking that there are hundreds of guests walking around without underwear. :scared:

That being said, I just printed out my dining spreadsheet with confirmation numbers, and park hours spreadsheet. I plan on laminating them (I've already made them the size of a credit card for easy carrying.) That's about the extent of my planning.

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May 27, 2006
The only thing we really plan in advance is where we are going to stay. For example we never make ADR's before we arrive, however since we stay Club Level we like to take full advantage of their food offerings so that is one reason why. However there might be days when we plan to do something, although we might change our minds at the very last minute and do something else. Plus since we always have our own car with us we don't need to worry about getting around to anywhere we want to go. As for visiting the parks we usually plan which ones to go while we are down there, however if it turns out the weather might not be good that day then we will wait and do something else.


Jul 1, 2010
On a completely different note, I was at AAA today. Someone came in to book a vacation with Disney for this August 16th! I know that all reading this thread feel just like I do.:eek:
LOL. I am going next week with my children, and I booked the vacation less than two weeks ago :rotfl:


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Sep 6, 2008
Count me in I always walk around the park without undergarments.
I am glad I am not the only one out there that has the image of people walking around the parks sans undergarments every time I hear this phrase! :lmao:

That being said -- when I was a kid and my family would take a vacation to Disney World every 5 years or so, yes we went from early morning to closing down the park. But it was the 80s then and only two parks to troop through. Way back then we really didn't make minute to minute plans -- the crowds were smaller then or so I remember -- and we never needed to make advanced reservations (except the one time we went to Hoop Dee Doo Music Review and got food poisoning!:sick:) we would just go see guest relations each morning and make a reservation in the park (Liberty Tree Tavern and Tutto Italia Ristorante are the only two I remember). I don’t even think character dining existed then!

Now, living in Central Florida, we don’t make plans – we just go where the whim takes us. This is not an option for most and I bow down :worship: to all of you with your spreadsheets and time tables! I cannot imagine the organizational prowess that it takes to do what you do. I have a hard enough time even planning my normal day – let alone a vacation (I tried when we went on a Disney Cruise a few years ago, but even that was thrown out the window the first night!)

But for all of you planners out there please do me (and yourself) a favor -- make sure you schedule in time to have fun and just be with your family. My DD and I (and occasionally my hubby) go to the parks a LOT – we defiantly get our money’s worth out of our annual passes – and we witness an awful lot of family meltdowns while we are there. Wrenches are constantly thrown into the works and things will not always work out as you had them planned – rides have technical difficulties, thunderstorms pop up and cancel parades and outside rides, ADR seating gets delayed, people get tired and cranky and the list goes on and on. I know Disney vacations are expensive, but please don’t let the speed bumps ruin your whole vacation – sometimes the best times with your family happen when you stop rushing from one place to the next. What is most important is that you are there with the people you love … or care about … or kind of, sort of like a little bit! :rolleyes:

Okay, I will get off my soap box now!


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Jul 11, 2006
We used to go commando but after more than 35 trips and since I'm now in my mid-60s, not so much anymore. I slow down and enjoy the beer! :lmao:
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    Aug 22, 2008
    We are commandos too!!! I say that because we have a plan, never miss a RD, use FP, and always have our ADR's booked!!! For us, I know this makes for a better time. Our first trip, (many years ago) we had no idea...stayed off site, showed up at 11am with all the crowds, did not know what a FP was, had no idea where we were going to eat any meals, and generally wandered around the parks dazed and confused.

    We did not have a good time - we were all hot, tired, cranky, and hardly went on any rides...I'm surprised I got DH to go back!!! Then I found the DIS which lead to TGM... what a difference!!! You mean I can book ADRs??? Be there at RD - what a concept!!! Now we stay onsite... We rode more in the first hr at RD (and this was during Christmas week) at MK than we did in our entire June vacation the last time we were there!!! Now, I know show schedules ahead of time. I have a general order that we like to do things, but it's not a strict plan - if the kids want to go here or there we can. Also, sometimes rides break down or show times changes, so you do have to be able to be flexible.


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    Dec 4, 2004
    I do commando--although I really really do try to relax some.
    I know what park we are doing and in what order we are seeing attractions, riding rides. What time we are leaving the park--and what time we are eating and where.

    God help the person that takes too long in the bathroom.
    Yep, i factored that in this trip.

    I do not want to be that family that is standing in the middle of the walk way--looking at a map with everyone trying to decide what to do.


    May 25, 2004
    We always go commando for the first 2/3 of the day. We try to always leave the room an hour and fifteen minutes before rope drop to make sure we are up front. We normally have all the main rides taken care of in the first couple hours and use FP constantly. As our kids get older, we are able to stay in the parks longer before heading back to the room for a swim and nap break.

    I have become a little easier on the planning portion since we know our way around each park and know what rides and shows are must sees. I normally have our daily plan done when we make the reservation, but I just completed our daily run-down for our August trip yesterday and the reservation was made prior to FD being released.

    We always try and do a new adventure each trip. This time will be the CS free dining. We normally always do the TS and it will be something new and less hassle with planning around a sit down meal each day.


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    Apr 29, 2009
    Commando? My definition of commando is leave before the sun rises and don't go back to the room until night falls. :thumbsup2

    Seriously, the park hoppers are utilized, ADR's are made and we trek along all day. The key to surviving is scheduling attractions during the hottest part of the day where it's air conditioned and you're sitting down. I had an ADR for dinner at 4:15 which was waay early on a Fantasmic night....but it turned out to be a much needed break out of the sun and humidity and it rejuvenated us, so that's one tip I would highly suggest.

    Get there early and get FP's for the night, ride the big rides first, reserve the sit down attractions for mid day, eat a meal between 1-5 pm where it's hottest and you can rest, reserve the night for using the fast passes and the fireworks/parades, snack or dessert between 6-9 pm. Shopping can be done mid day in an air conditioned store, have them send your stuff back to your room so you don't carry extra stuff. Don't shop at night, too many people doing last minute shopping and the registers have long lines.

    We will try and schedule a down time this upcoming trip because we never utilized the pool until our last day last September, so I kind of regretted spending the money for a moderate; the beds are small and I'm used to a king bed at home; so we'll compromise and do Coronado Springs because of the queen size beds, and we'll try and slow down...use the pool....we'll see....
  • coreymd

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    Mar 19, 2007
    I guess my wife and I would fall into the commando style (me more than her). We actually make a binder with every day planned out. While we don't plan it to the minute we know where we want to be and what we want to do on each day. We list which parks have EMH, the regular hours of the parks the show times, ADRs etc. Then we just take the page of that day with us. I've told my wife we should make this binder a business somehow, that's how much detail and planning goes into it.
    This is almost exactly what I did for the '07 trip, which my brother-in-law christened "Disney Boot Camp". :thumbsup2 I created a color coded binder with the overall trip itinerary, a few pages on each park, plus my own notes and then distributed to each of the three families with us. I'm sure they promptly "forgot" where they had placed their copies, but no worries - I was on top of it!

    For each day of the itinerary, I had a removable "cheat sheet" that I could fold up and take with me inside that day's park(s), which included:

    Attraction Chart
    * must-ride list organized by the basic chronological touring order
    * whether FastPass is available
    * average length of the ride itself (not including queue times, obviously)
    * height requirements (no longer needed for this year's trip!)
    * planned closures and refurbs
    * performance times (live shows, parades)

    Restaurant Chart
    * meals served (breakfast/lunch/dinner)
    * food style
    * typical price range
    * snack kiosk locations
    * whether character dining is available

    Character Greetings Chart
    * character name(s) / group
    * location / land
    * times of day available

    Play-by-play Guide
    This is my down-to-the minute (ok, not really, but close) playbook on when to be where, factoring in when to get FP's and when I can expect to use them, when and where to go for ADRs (plus res#), etc.

    All of this worked very well for the last trip. For some days, I included a "plan B" version of the play-by-play for events beyond my control (bus breakdown, rain, etc.). But more often I just referenced the charts on my cheat sheet for on-the-fly adjustments. And joking aside, the others used these cheat sheets for reference on the one occasion when the guys' and gals' itineraries diverged.

    This year, we're going about 1/2 Commando and 1/2 free-style. Which means we do commando style from rope-drop through early afternoon and then switch up...


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    Nov 15, 2009
    I agree, but the strategy sharing hasn't really taken off yet. I'll start....#1 rule of going commando is.....what? Well I was gonna say arriving at the parks 1 hour early to ensure that you really are "at" the rope drop and starting your day off right....BUT....if we are starting chronologically, are we starting with packing our park bag the evening before and what to pack???? What's a good starting point?
    I would say it would be having a plan of action months in advance:confused3, as far as what to pack for the parks, I bring a pocket notebook with my cliff notes, a light wallet, child finder unit and a nice strong rum & coke (I know it's 7am but I'm on vac and it's relaxing:lmao:)

    The only other things we basicly bring is a umbrella stroller (son naps while were on the move, great time to hit the stores or the Boardwalk) 1 very light bag for camera & vid cam, some wipes and change of clothes incase DS has a accident:scared1:

    2 things I tell my friends who are going to WDW are:
    1-When going to AK to avoid the line getting in use the entrance at the Rain Forest Cafe, seems like not many people know about it and you can bypass a big crowd.
    2 when walking in any park and the road splits or come to a split while on line, GO LEFT, most people are right handed and will go to the right by habit:thumbsup2

    The one thing you most likely will not hear on this thread that you will find on most others. Thats to much to do in 1 day, You might hear that it's not enough though:lmao:


    Jul 16, 2007
    We always go commando DD 7 stopped taking naps at 3 so we go early and stay
    late. Biggest tip for touring is staying away from Character meals at the parks. They take up so much time! We always eat breakfast in the room and early lunch and early dinner before they get crowded. I even jog to get FP's ! Serious commando !


    Jul 16, 2007
    We always go commando DD 7 stopped taking naps at 3 so we go early and stay
    late. Biggest tip for touring is staying away from Character meals at the parks. They take up so much time! We always eat breakfast in the room and early lunch and early dinner before they get crowded. I even jog to get FP's ! Serious commando !


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    Sep 24, 2008
    Commando here! Here is what I did one trip. We live 2 hours away, so we got up at 3:30, left the house by 4:30, checked in at resort, made it to rope drop, stayed all day at park until around 5 PM, went to resort showered and changed (no rest), went to the Luau, and got back to our resort around 1 AM. That's 21 1/2 hours of doing stuff. I fell asleep no the bus ride back.


    Jul 24, 2008
    So does Commando mean comprensive planning or packing in as many attractions as possible? Can you be a commando if you do one, but not the other? I'm just asking, because I do both. Don't you know that planning is half the fun of the trip? And yes, things don't always go according to plan - that's why you need a plan B and a plan C and maybe a plan D.

    We're just back from Disneyland where my BIL had only one day in the parks. He had never been to any Disney property before and we wanted him to have the perfect Disney experience (so he would catch the bug). We started at RD, 7:00 am, and went until dinner at 7:00pm. We managed 28 attractions, a TS lunch, a morning break, and two afternoon breaks. Over dinner he thanked us for all our planning. He really noticed that he waited 10 minutes for Splash Mnt with FP while the standby line was 90 minutes.

    I just don't understand why people don't plan.


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    Mar 5, 2005
    Hello Commando here..I too am the disney nazi as my kids and DH will call me but HEY we always get alot done and enjoy our selves.. I just get soooo excited and I want to go go go from the time I get in FL that I cant help it! I normally plan out my days and my meals, hit park at rope drop or as close as possible plan out the biggest and our fave rides and then relax from there.

    Now that being said, I promised DH that this trip we would relax and enjoy our resort as well as other resorts, swim and do a monorail crawl and its just the two of us no teens on this deluxe anniversary trip so..I PLANNED our relaxation..LMAO! I cant help it I love to plan..We have 8 nights and 9 days so plenty of park time as well as several early evenings to relax and do other things plus our anniversary will be a down day swimming and enjoying drinks by the pool as well as renting a boat and having dinner at Narcossee and another night of dinner at Calli Grill followed by the monorail crawl ending it watching Hallowishes from a hammock at our resort.

    So bottom line plan away just leave room for the impromptu magic to happen..