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    I will be at WDW with my 2 young daughters exactly 6 weeks after having a hip replacement. I am young & in very good health w/ exception to my recent surgery. Walking well unassisted 2 weeks after. My husband is urging me to rent an ECV, but I’m unsure if or how much I’d actually use it. Been to WDW several times & understand the amount of walking involved. Anyone have an experience going this soon after? What about going on rides?? I have zero knowledge of traveling with an ECV and afraid of how this will change our trip.
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    Rent the ECV. If/when you want to walk for a bit, park the ECV near the strollers and take the key, then go back to your ECV when you need it. Some of the older rides have a separate entrance for people with mobility issues, but most of the newer rides are mainstreamed -- the ECV and wheelchair people just go through the main line with everyone else. If the ride queue has stairs, the ECV and rider will need to use the elevator. Some of the rides will be easier to climb into/out of than other rides.

    Glad you're doing well. Just think of the ECV as a back-up plan. It's better to have one available and not need it, than to be in pain and wish you had help. Another consideration, the "hike" to/from the bus/car to/from your hotel can be quite long and tiring, so it's good to have the ECV. Make sure to plug it in all night every night to recharge. If it gets sluggish when you're in the parks, take a meal break and plug the charger into a nearby outlet.
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    You could also have your DH use the ECV if you would like to walk but are unsure if you can walk a lot. Just remember one ECV one butt and that butt better be over 18
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    How young are your daughters? Will they expect to be carried any? That will be extra xx lbs that your new hip is not used to carrying at that point. Frankly, it isn't how well you walk yourself that should be the essential point of your planning. Sorry if this is TMI, but your bone has only barely begun to heal around your graft. Your muscles will just have healed but dislocation of the joint is still possible. These are just things to consider and your hip surgeon should be the one telling you what you need to do to accomplish this feat. I would have some sort of assisting device that you can rest in/on or use to get around.
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    you are still going to wear out easily as your muscles have been violated badly. my surgeon in no way would have let me do Disney a mere 6 weeks after without some sort of mobility aid ( and by that I mean a WC for ECV, not a walker or collator) surgery protocols last a minimum of six months where you have to be very careful not to overdo things.
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    Be careful about some of the ride seats that will be too low for the new hip. I’m looking at you pirates! Also toilets at the hotels are often very low.
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    Definitely get clear guidance from your surgeon on your limitations for hip flexion. Several rides have seats that would put you in greater than 90 degree hip flexion (boat rides like iasm, Pirates, FEA, etc), and some that may be hard to get in and out of (particularly Space Mountain and TT). I haven't had my hip replaced yet, but do have limitations in ROM and those rides did present a little bit of a challenge. I strongly suggest taking looks at pics of some of the ride vehicles ahead of time to see if you think you may have issues. For the boats, it may help to sit sort of sideways on the bench so you can have your leg straight out across the floor in front of the seats and don't have to bend your hip so much.

    I would strongly consider renting an ECV as you are still recovering. Even though you're walking fine unassisted, doing 3-10 miles several days in a row may be too much. If you will be riding the buses, an ECV could also be helpful as you can sit while waiting for the bus and will be able to get on first with your family and have guaranteed seating on the bus. I can't imagine the swaying around from turns and sudden stops while standing on a bus would feel too great on a still healing hip.

    How old are your children? Will they have a stroller? I'd also be cautious about pushing a stroller as that is still adding extra pressure on your hips. If your husband is there, let him handle the stroller/kids, and I'm sure he'd feel better knowing you had an ECV for when you were tired.

    Good luck and enjoy your trip.

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