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Nov 6, 2010

Welcome, Mouseketeers! My oh my what a wonderful day. Why? Because it’s the day to start a Disney trip report.

A vacation to one of the Disney parks is an unparalleled event, but just like an ill-timed ride on Flights of Passage the aftermath can be quite unpleasant. Similar to popping an anti-nausea pill or guzzling a cool sugary soda, my Disney dilemma has an easy fix.
When the vehicle comes to a complete stop, the restraints are loosened, and the Disney arches are in the rearview mirror, the most consistent and reliable way to overcome the post-trip blues is to dive into a trip report.

In a feat of amazement, I have written and recorded ten reports, and you all are gracing me with the opportunity to jump into number eleven.


Don’t the reports start to blend together? Doesn’t it become repetitive? How many times can you describe the thrill of Expedition Everest before you want clamber off the cart and hang with the yeti?

I’m sure to some, all those concerns are valid. But for me, it comes down to one simple answer.

The people.

Every single time I visit the Disney parks, I react to attractions, shows, crowds, etc in different ways. The people I go with change and evolve, and together we build a shared experience that lends enough material for me to want to relive through writing.

There were several “people” involved in this trip.

The first one was me, Alicia:


Known mostly as a mom and military wife, my talents include moving my family from country to country, tripping over my dog on walks, and secretly hoping coffee dates fall through so I can read my latest library book. Despite being the planner, herder, and ADR-maker for the family, I am third in line for the biggest Disney lover in our unit of four. I used to be the one convincing everyone else to drink the Disney Kool-aid and join the dark side, but now as my fiery passion for all things mouse has lowered to a simmer, other members have ramped up their love to unimagined heights.

The worst of those offenders being my husband of almost 8 years, Alex:


My better half can’t get enough of the Disney parks and would easily use every one of his vacation days on WDW trips if we lived closer. The way he tells it, I am the one holding him back from endless weeks roaming around Epcot, perusing the hat quality inside MouseGears.

Different from him in almost every way except in the Disney view is our oldest child, Landon:


Our son is a unique little guy with many notable qualities. The only one worth telling here, though, is how old he’s become lately. He’s not listening to his personal idol, Peter Pan, at all and is growing up faster than my little heart can keep up. He loves Disney ferociously and has a big dream of visiting the world on his birthday one day.

Completing our family is our daughter, Evie:


If Landon is the kid who loves Walt Disney World, then Evie is his mirror opposite. They balance one another out quite well. Evie has many interests…sports, comedic timing, fashion sense (apparently this a thing at three) but park touring is not one of them. Alex and I keep chasing her down with the Disney bug and waving it in her face, but so far she hasn’t been bit.

This trip became a study in two children’s varying personalities and interests, as seen in the following example:


Don’t worry, I have many many more examples to back my statement up…

There were several supporting players that popped up throughout this vacation, but the most prominent was my mom, called Nana nowadays (or, apparently, @GrandmaZ here on the boards, something she did not tell me until a few weeks ago!):


My mom is one of my favorite people on the planet, and I was thrilled she was able to join our family for the first half of the trip. Her extra set of hands were invaluable when it came to the kids, and her company was priceless. She says this was her favorite Disney trip so far, which were big shoes to fill after our Mom/Daughter trip in 2012 and Landon’s first trip in 2013.
Honestly, I enjoyed her company so much that on Day 2 I told her to start saving her money, because I was going to need some more Mom time in Disney within the next few years.

This report is going to cover what feels like the entire month of June. The 1st through 19th to be exact! By far the longest and most extensive Disney trip we have ever attempted before and one that I am more than ready to write about.

So please, join along as I share the ups, downs, twists and turns of my 15th vacation at Walt Disney World as an adult.


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DIS Veteran
Sep 30, 2009
Woohoo! I’m here and so excited to hear all about it!
Am I the 1st to make it over??? Hope so :) ( I’m never 1st lol)
  • amazingact21

    Nov 6, 2010
    Woohoo! I’m here and so excited to hear all about it!
    Am I the 1st to make it over??? Hope so :) ( I’m never 1st lol)
    You are!
    I think we are probably the few DISers who are on at this time of day. Most live in the U.S. and it's about 4 in the morning there. :rotfl: :rotfl:

    😂😂😂 oh Alicia that photo of Evie and Landon is priceless!
    You’re off to a great start :goodvibes
    I could pretty much count on those reactions whenever I tried to take a picture at Disney. It wasn't often Evie took pity and smiled for me. :laughing:


    Mickey Bars should be a daily food group!
    Sep 3, 2008
    I'm here!!!! And I almost spit out my coffee over that picture of Evie and Landon. Oh Evie!!! I can't wait to read all about your adventures!!
  • Newsies

    Headlines don't sell papes.
    Oct 25, 2013
    Hello Alicia! What a beautiful family! I'm here and can't wait to read more!


    DIS Veteran
    Oct 23, 2006
    Following! I think I've been with you from the beginning? Anxious to hear the details of how this trip went!


    Dreaming of Disney
    Feb 6, 2015
    Woohoo! This is a report I've really been looking forward to reading! Glad you guys are more settled in now over there at last! Looking forward to reading about your trip!
  • lvcourtneyy

    DIS Veteran
    Nov 24, 2012
    Joining in! Can't wait to hear all about it. Your Evie reminds me of my little sister when she was a kid- she was never smiling in a picture ever lol


    Jul 28, 2013
    Woo Hoo! Can't wait to read about this one. I jump in and out of the boards, and cannot believe how big Landon and Evie have gotten. But I guess they do that, don't they?!


    DIS Veteran
    Apr 21, 2016
    Hi, Alicia! :wave: I'm so looking forward to following along on this trip report! The photo you posted of Landon and Evie and their varying levels of Disney love...oh my goodness, I died! So cute and hilarious!


    DIS Veteran
    Mar 29, 2012
    Just hopping in on this report. I've remember reading your TR from Landon's first trip. Wow where does the time go?


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