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Jan 30, 2001
I have 2boys--ages 2 and 5. The 5yo is able to swim about 30 feet without floaties but is generally a bit scared--won't go off diving board yet. Has anyone done the waterparks with kids this age? Is there enough to do? My 5yo is not 48" tall. Which waterpark would be the best to try at this age? My husband or myself might take the 5yo during the 2yo's nap. Or should we just stick with the resort pool?

Thanks for your help!
We went a few years ago with my (then) 2 & 4 year old nieces. We went to Typhoon Lagoon and they had a nice children's area. There were little slides that basically just dumped them out into a puddle, plus spraying type things and water guns they could point and squirt. My sister in law got them each a life jacket (they supply them at no cost), and they wore these only on the little tube ride (similar to what the adults have--sit in an inner tube and it takes you down a little river--I'd say the water was about 1 1/2 feet deep in it). I hope my memory has served me right. The girls really enjoyed it, I think it was worth it. I would recommend going first thing in the morning and be done by noontime--they'll be pooped. Sorry I can't tell you about Blizzard Beach, haven't been there. We were at River Country more than 10 years ago, without kids, so I really don't recall what they have there. Have fun
All the water parks have a kiddie area. There are slides and water squirtung up, etc. I have been going since my 8 yo was 2, and I still have a 3 yo that can't go on the big slides. I think they will like it. My kids do. I usually end up sitting in the kid area while my husband takes the older kids. The lazy river is for the entire family, but is hard if you have a little one that doesn't understand to hold on.

Hope this helps.

I'm not a big water park fan and haven't tried any of them so take that into account with my opinion. On our last trip my girls were 6&9 and we didn't visit a water park. I did allow them to play in the water area's in the main Parks. There are places where the kids can get very wet at most of the parks. Packing a swimsuit in a baggy will allow a way for them to get very wet without ever leaving the parks.

They also really enjoyed the pool at the Contemporary and it isn't one of the fancier pools. Depending on where you are staying some of the deluxe resorts have really great pools.

Universal has a better water area's and I keep meaning to send a suggestion to Disney that they add a water play area to AK since it seems have the least and need it the most.

If you and your husband really enjoy water parks than it would probably be fun for you but I don't know that I'd go for the kids.

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When my kids were almost-3 and 6, both very good swimmers for their ages, we visited River Country for an afternoon/early evening type thing, thinking they wouldn't really get much out of it. The then 6 was able to try some water slides for the first time because it is a tamer park than your typical thrill water park, which is what we have always visited in the past. She had an absolute blast. There is also typical swimming hole things like ropes, etc.

The 2 year old also had lots to do with climbing and sliding and had a blast himself. Got tuckered out after about 2 hours tho (we had done MK in the morning) and slept the rest of the time.

What we had considered as 2 or 3 hours ended up being the rest of the day for us.


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