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Aug 29, 2000
I just got my Tinkerbell watch at TDS yesterday for 50% off (appropriate - look at log on name)! I looked at them at Christmas time, but didn't purchase. Glad I didn't :) With DC %, it was around $33. Sad though since TDS won't be carrying adult stuff anymore except around holiday time :( I hate that! I was also told they would only be carrying childs clothing up to 7/8.

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All the CM's in our store are really disappointed in the lack of adult clothing. Disappointed for our Guests and for ourselves, too. When we have a Guest question or mention the lack of adult clothing, we suggest that they contact Disney with their concerns. I hear the grumbling about this on every shift that I work. We are hoping that if enough people "grumble" that maybe the policy will change. In the meantime, even though it does save me money, I still wish the adult clothing was back.

I also got a couple of deals on watches. That 50% sale is great.

Rwethereyet: I just don't understand where DIsney is coming up with this. I was told the childrens clothing would only be up to sizes 7/8. My DD is 9! I was purchasing adult shirts for her because they didn't have much of a selection anyway. Now that's gone!

Been there, done that, going back!

Check my site:

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I'm a CM at a store in Pennsylvania. You must call, write and email. The more noise guests make, the more chance there this will be reversed. Disney will admit they made a mistake but they need enough people making noise before they will make changes again. They listen to guests. They always have. Apparently enough people are making noise that some things have already been changed. You have to keep at it though.

Are all the watches at TDS on sale. I had my eye on one but couldn't justify buying. At 50% I could justify it!

Almost all of them. The only ones not on sale are the very expensive collector editions. But we had some $85, $75 and lower watches at 50% off. Better hurry though.
Anyone have the e-mail to complain about this ridiculous new DS policy?

Go to Disney's main web site and at the bottom it says "contact us". After you click on there, they will ask you to choose an area. You should choose "other" since Disney Store Online is a whole different division than the regular Disney Stores. Then let them know what you think. You will most likely receive a reply within 2-3 days. Please share it with us.
Every shift that I work, I have at least 1/2 of the guests asking for adult clothes. This isn't going to change unless Disney hears from all you disappointed guests. Please contact them!
Dear Disney Store Guest:

Thank you for your electronic correspondence. We appreciate your interest in The
Disney Store.

We are sorry to hear of your concerns regarding our recent change in our
selection of Adult Apparel.

At this time we have decided to narrowed our Adult product assortment, while
expanding our Kids product assortment. However, we will continue to carry
selected styles of Adult Apparel during various times of the year, typically
revolving around a specific holiday, season and promotion of a film property.

We realize that this change in our Adult Apparel assortment is new for all of
us. Even Walt Disney was always trying to improve the "show", whether the show
was a movie or Theme Park attraction or in our new product. He said, "I can
never stand still. I must explore and experiment. I am never satisfied with my
work." The Disney Store cannot stand still either. The stores began as an
experiment, and we must continue to explore new avenues to remain the world's
premiere retailer. Many new and exciting product lines will soon be arriving at
all of our stores. We hope that you will enjoy our new assortment as much as our
merchandise staff has enjoyed creating them for you.

Be sure to check out and the Disney Store Catalog as they will
continue to have great selections of Adult Apparel to offer you.

The Disney Store is an entertaining retail business, touched by the magic of
Disney, and we will never lose sight of that. Thank you for taking the time to
write and share your thoughts with us.


The Disney Store, Guest Services
North America


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