Watch out for Insurance for DC reservation!


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Feb 19, 2000
If you are using the DC discount watch out for the insurance charge. It was not mentioned when I made the reservation but it was on the invoice. Problem is the invoice gives no itemized costs so I still had no idea what it cost. When I called I found out it was $30 per adult. For us that was $90 so I had them remove it.

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So tell me why do I need insurance on a reservation? Isn't that what a deposit or full payment does?
It's a gamble. I did feel a lot better since this trip did cost so much money. Insurance gave me one less thing to worry about.
Examples: I was to fly American Airlines last Thanksgiving and didn't even leave the airport. Well, I left the airport, but not by plane! :mad:
Plus, if we had bad weather and were delayed, at least I would have recouped most of the money for whenever I couldn't make it.
My in-laws are not all too healthy either. Ya never know.
Of course I don't like spending the extra travel insurance money. But it really did give an extra piece of mind, esp when I was so stressed before leaving anyway

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