Washing 'Dishes' at the Resort


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Aug 29, 1999
I have a toddler and an assortment of things need to be washed while on vacation. I found a great thing called the OCedar "Lem-Me Do The Dishes". It's a lemon shaped sponge with a smooth side and a scrubby side. Inside, is a hard piece of soap which lathers quite easily. This solves the problem of bringing a sponge and dish soap since it's all in one! It fits easily in a small ziplock bag and it will dry if you leave it out (killing bacteria). We loved it on our last trip and it's now a permanent resident of our vacation box.

If you can't find it at your local supermarket, you can get it here: http://www.ocedar-store.com/ under "Kitchen Tools".

-- Robin
Thank you thank you thank you :)
On our trip this past January I used hand soap to wash bottles & sippy cups :eek:
Well umm that did not work too well and I never felt they were clean clean. I will definately be packing one of these next time!


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