Was anyone here at US/IOA for New Year's Eve?


Apr 23, 2000
If so, how was it? (besides cold)
Was it overly crowded?
Was it so crowed that the parks closed?
Did on-site guests have FOTL all day as any other day?
Were there any bands?
How do the fireworks compare with Disney's?

Thanks! :)
If so, how was it? (besides cold)

Really awesome at IOA (USF people seemed disappointed). COLD!!!!! brr... Theme music was dropped in the evening for a complex wide party music. Free party favors (hats/horns)

Was it overly crowded?

I was not there during the day, but IMHO, after dark it was off season crowds. USF appeared even slower. Hulk was 15-20 mins, Spiderman 20-30.

Was it so crowed that the parks closed?

No where near a peak summer day.

How do the fireworks compare with Disney's?

I consider the show we witnessed to be superior to anything I have seen Disney do. (All 3 lagoons had the same fireworks all sync'd) From where we were in Dr. S. Island, behind us was USF, to our left Citywalk, and in front and to the right was IOA's. They also had big screens that they used for graphics throughout the night.

One thing that I thought added to the show was HULK. They were having to dispatch hulk to keep the cars warm so they could run it till close. It seemed to come at the coolest times, and I felt added to the show. It was not however intended to be a part of the show.

Next NYE you will definitely find me in IOA. I am an annual passholder to all 8 FL parks.

Does weekly attendance to a theme park constitute an addict?

If so, I am Doomed!

Disney, USF, IOA, BGT, SW weekly since 1997
Quarterly since birth!


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