Wanting to make a banner to highlight celebrations


Earning My Ears
Jan 22, 2004
Good morning all...I'm looking for some help and direction.

I am heading to the World in late April with my family - Wife, Mom, Aunt, Cousin, her husband and their two boys (an almost 3YO and a 3 month old-not born yet!).

We are celebrating lots of stuff! First trip for the Dad and the two boys, first time ever going with my mom, my cousin and husband's 5 year wedding anniversary, my mom's 75th bday, my aunt's 70th bday (while we are there), my 50th bday, the 3YO bday, my 60th trip...those are the major ones!

They are not a matching-shirt type of group, but I really want to have something, especially for when they arrive, and also to take into the parks for pictures.

So I'm thinking of a lightweight banner, maybe 4 feet wide, that can be carried either in a bag or in the stroller, that we can bring out for different pictures...something with our faces and names, that lists the celebrations...

Herein lies the problem...I am not the least bit crafty! I wouldn't know even where to start...

Does anyone have any recommendations for someone who would be able to help me with this (basically take my ideas and put them on material and make it awesome! For a price of course!)? I have used Etsy many times for shirts, but those were mainly tie dies. I figured I'd start here, to see if anyone has done this or knows someone who would be willing to help...