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Jan 1, 2001
My two DS's are now old enough to go off on their own. Has anyone had any experience with using 2 way radios or walkie/talkies? How is the reception? It would make DM feel better knowing she could be in touch with them.
We have used these and they are great. Ours are a few years old, Motorola Talkabouts, but we're taking them with us in June. We sometimes had to change channels because someone else is on the same one, but we used them traveling in the car too. Some of the rides block the signal, I think we had problems in Splash Mountain & Space Mountain, but other than that we really didn't have much of a problem. I would guess they have even better ones out now, so go for it.

We just got back and we used them as well. There was often someone else on the same channel, so we had to make sure we were talking to who we thought. The connection is not always the most clear but it does the trick.
Thanks for your help. Didn't want to bring any more than we needed to. It's a relief to hear
that they work and we can keep in touch with
the kids when they want some time alone.

Make sure you get ones with sub-channels! That way you have something like 200 channels and it is very rare that someone else is on your channel. We used dd's birthdays for channels (i.e. channel 8, subchannel 25). Of course with two dd's we had to change every other day, and we told them if they were getting interference on that channel to switch to the other kids b-day. Also told them not to panic if we didn't respond right away as we might be on a ride/in an attraction with the sound turned down. We checked in with them every 1/2 hour or so just to make sure everything was ok. They worked wonderfully and gave the girls a little well deserved freedom! I think our radios are Cobra 310WX's. I ordered them online from Cobra direct, along with rechargers (so we didn't go through too many batteries). Hope this helps!


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Nissan has a test drive offer in which you can get a pair of Cobra Microtalk 2-way radios for test driving the Xterra. We just got them in and are taking them to Disney in 3 weeks. For more info on the this test drive, check out the disney rewards board.


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I just took the Nissan test drive and sent in my coupon for the walkie talkies 3 days ago.
2 questions
1 - how well do they work?
2 - How long did it take you to receive them?

We use the motorolas too. They work fine. You do need the sub codes. Range is OK in the open.

You should have plan for what channel to change to when you run into someone else on the same one you are using - like the parkes the frequencies fill up.

You should use good radio manners. State who you are and who you are calling to start an exchange. That way who you are calling knows it is you and your calling them not just noise.

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We took our Motorolla Talkabouts last year, and we really loved them. I was inside Space Mountain, and I could still hear my husband in Toon Town very clearly. You really do need to get one with the subcodes though, it seems like every other person has a set of these now!

Do the Cobra Microtalks have the subcodes?

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We're renting cell/radios. Has anyone used them before? We just thought that 2 mile Max distance with the FRS wouldn't cut it if we were in different parks. Very varied ages in our group! With cell/radios, we should be able to reach anyone in the State of FL! (And, we didn't see a future use for buying FRS systems)

It's our 4th trip but, we've been EXTREMELY uneducated until now but, with the DIS Board, we think it will be WONDERFUL! Even if we're apart!
Hi....sorry for not getting back to you sooner. The radios took only 4 weeks to come in, I thought that was very fast. The dealer told my father-in-law that they are a $80 value. I've tried them out in my house and in the yard and I was very impressed. The packaging states that the reception is a 2 mile radius and so far based on my limited tests, I'll agree with that statement. Overall, I think that the Cobra radio's are pretty nice, and you've got to love the price. I think they'll work fine at WDW.


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