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colleen mcmaster

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Jul 4, 2001
How crowded do the boats from VWL to MK get? Do you usually get on the one you're waiting for or do you have to wait for another one to come? Also, when it drops you off at MK are you at the park entrance or do you still have to get on the monorail/ferry? Thanks!
We have never had to wait for more than the next boat. The boats are large and have a good capacity. The MK dock is next to the ferry dock- right at the MK.

We have never had a problem getting onto a boat to MK from VWL. We sometimes have problems when leaving MK at closing and making a beeline for the boat. Sometimes you have to wait for a boat back to VWL from MK, depending on the time of year. Our last trip was in Nov. and we did not have to wait for a boat.

The boat will drop you off in front of MK. No monorail necessary! Just walk on up (pass through security check first!) and through the entrance gates!

Have fun!
I concur with Doc's comments. I've taken the boat many times and never had to wait for an additional boat. The boat pulls right up in front of MK. You walk right past the monorail exit/entrance ramp to go into MK.

So it is also the best way to get to the monorail if you want to go to GF, Polynesian, or Epcot.
Just back from VWL yesterday:( and they seemed to have changed the system.

Boats go from Magic Kingdom to Camp ground to Wilderness Lodge to MK......

Don't know if this is because its so quite at the moment or if permenant. Not a problem when going but a bit longer when coming back.

When I saw this question I had visions of tourists desparately clinging on to a boat riding low in the water trying to get back to Wilderness Lodge.

It seems to me when there is a danger of lines forming for boats there are a lot of boats running anyway...
Doubletree - was wondering about the boats in part because last time at MK our corner of the Tom Sawyer raft was actually in the water and our shoes got wet. It was a bit concerning, I must admit ( I didn't think I ate THAT much at the princess breakfast). I was really more curious about whether it'd be faster to drive our car to MK or wait for a boat.

Here's another question about the boats - Is it possible to be coming back from MK during the EWP or do the boats stop running during that time?

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