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    Jan 30, 2008
    Hello Peoples,

    Last year a couple friends and myself put togeather a huge Festival that had many rooms, We charged one Item at our "Ticket booth" and all the items were later donated to new VMK players who first enter the game and go under the name of Guest1111111 (you understand) me and those few friends (really my siblings) would love to get more help on this years Festival!
    Kinds of rooms we are looking for:

    Rides - Any Kinds (Kiddie parks work great!)
    Concessions - Formal and Non-Formal
    Games - Any kind of games that will be attached to the boardwalk (I suggest making a quest so you do not always have to be in the room)
    Theaters - Show rooms of any kind

    Thats All I can think of, Any more ideas just tell me..

    Also I will provide you with the teleporters and if you get chosen to help out, you must block the entrance of the room so people enter trough the Ticket booth.

    I know this may sound odd, but it works out nice.
    Thanks for all your support!!

    Fill this out and eaither post it or PM me with it:
    VMK Name:
    Type Of Room:
    Would you be interested in giving out the collected items to new players: (YES)(NO)
    Best Times to contact you:

    Thats all folks!
    Have a magical day:wizard:

    EDIT: I know the new rules from last year, #5 No charging in rooms is allowed, but I just wanted to say we and my friends are working out a way to make a Fast Pass or something like that for a donation..

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