Virgin Atlantic takes part in Government trial

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    This from the latest i-Fly newletter:


    The Home Office, Virgin Atlantic, easyJet and law enforcement agencies have collaborated to trial a new screening system that will modernise and tighten border security further.

    The new screening system scans passengers’ passports and either authenticates them or alerts the airline to possible forgery or tampering. The system is also linked to law enforcement and immigration databases to cross check records.

    Virgin Atlantic’s trial began at Heathrow and Miami International airports on 28 April 2003 and will last for three months. Commenting on the trial, Sir Richard Branson said:

    “We are delighted…that Virgin Atlantic is the long-haul carrier participating in this important trial. Virgin Atlantic is always keen to become involved with any innovative new products or technologies that may be able to enhance customer service and security.”</i>
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    I missed this before :confused:

    A very welcome addition - I hope it goes a long way to stopping frauds using other people's identities with fake/cloned passports.

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