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Earning My Ears
Jan 16, 2001
Mr. Doom here and I was at the show last night. The Show was basicaly an XFL game. There were alot of people there in the beginning. But as the show was going the attendence got smaller and smaller. Even I left. You see the Village People are a song and dance group. So it was like watching the Backstreet Boys still together in their 60's. The Village people do not have a live band playing behind them. Instead its all a big recording. It was almost like listening to a CD. So maybe because I a young man I did not really get the whole thing. To me the concert was the most gay thing I have ever seen. They just looked gay up there. I guess If I was older I would have liked it. But for me it was horrorable. Now last year they had Smash Mouth on stage and I loved that. The only concert I am kinda looking foward this year is the B-52's with love shaq. But I am still disapointed. You see usually there are live bands at Halloween Horror Nights, but they did not have them this year because they wanted to save money, so they can use the extra cash on bands for Mardi Grass this year. But this years music just sucks compared last years. Last Year there was Pat Benatar, KC and the Sunshine Band, Smash Mouth, and the Gap Band with a special performance by Witney Houston.
I went to Maudi Graus last year and it was a joke! The parades were horrible and if you wanted to actually see Smash Mouth you had to be actually SMASHED in like sardines. I am attempting to go again this year with the hopes it will be better. I know the Blues Travelers are going to be packed so I am staying away from that weekend. I don't know though, USF Maudi Graus seems to get worse each year. You would think that with all the money they make they could actually have good floats and hire some good people to ride the floats. They own a movie studio don't they? They need to use some of the actors they have. It would make it so much better.

If you get a chance go to the real one in Mobile, Alabama, or New Orleans. They are the best!! And its free to see the parades!! They throw out better stuff too!
Where do the bands actually play? We'll be checking in 3/10 and I see that the B-52's are playing. I have not seen a time or location, however.
The bands play at a huge stage across from Mel's Diner. They take the stage after the Mardi Gras parade.


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The Floats are actually good this year. The only two I remember that are from last year is the huge gator and the universal float. The rest of the ones seem new. Each float this year seems to have its own speacial effect. The Fire truck float shoots water, some fire streamers into the air on to the crowd, some sprinkle bubbles, and others cover the crowd with so much confedy you would think Rip Torn was throwing it out. No to mention the endless supply of beeds and coins.

Dont expect a Disney parade though. You can see almost every mardi grass float is pulled by a pick up truck, while at disney the car that pulls the float is actualy in the float
The parade begins at USF's close. So if the park is open until 7 pm, the parade starts at 7 pm.


Barry Hom
The moderator formerly known as Barry aka usagi
Moderator, Universal and Sea World Boards

"If you were me, you'd be good looking."

Can you tell me how was the crowd when the village people were there? I am thinking of trying it this weekend and hold off on the B-52's. Was it easy to get beads or werew you trampled by rude drunk jerks?
I had to laugh when I read the original post that stated that the Village People just "looked gay up there" and that it was the gayest thing he had ever seen. That was the point. The Village People ARE gay! It was their whole gimmick when they started over twenty years ago (Village as in Greenwich Village)! Unfortunetaly, I am old enough to appreciate them. I'm sorry I missed it!

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cforza: I guess some people don't get it...


And believe me, I would've had the same reaction to Smash Mouth.


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Well I am in my earlier thirties and remember the village people quite well..I am not gay either..These guys are ALL NEW! The Village People ARE NOT GAY! Maybe some of them were, but that rumor got started by alot of guys getting jealous over them because they were good looking and shook their groove things, which made the women howl with delight! They sang such songs as YMCA, IN THE NAVY, CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC, MACHO MAN ETC..They are sort of like BACKSTREET BOYS Because they didn't play instruments, however, everyone knows that Backstreet Boys stole their moves from BOYS2MEN! Oh, well just a little educational info for all those under 30! :D
on 'Behind the Music', yes, they were/are gay. I was laughing about that when I read the original post too... My younger brother said the same thing.

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