Very dissapointed with costumes at the Parks

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Myfirsttrip, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Myfirsttrip

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    Jan 11, 2013
    So we just got back for our FIRST Trip of a lifetime to Disneyworld.
    It was beautiful in every possible way .. except.. the major costume dissapointment.
    My little one dreamed to be Cinderella. We went online and they have
    those rather miserable puny costumes now that are like a shadow of
    what used to be offered in the past. It resembles more the toysrus
    quality then what I thoght of Disney.
    Well.. My daughter had her heart set on Cinderella so we just figured
    oh, we are going to the Heart of it all, there will be PLENTY of gorgeous
    costumes. Right? Wrong.

    First day we arrived we haded for the Magic Kingdom to look for
    beautiful Cinderella costume and it as huge dissapointment.
    It was pretty much the same things tha you have online but twice the price.

    I was hoping for something within the lines of those beautiful Limited
    Edition costume that online had few months ago and now they show the page
    still but.. it is sold. I called them and they really don't have any.

    It was big mistake not to get it when I could because my daughter so wanted it, I just though they will be available all the time and so I can just buy later.
    So we had our appt. at Bibidiboutique and she went in that cheapish costume we got for her. Ugh... picture came so blah.. yeah, it was just bearly okay
    but not the spectacularity I was hoping for. Subsequent dinner at the Castle with Cinderella and other princesses also happened in the same costume of course and the worse part was that there were quite few girls in the limited edition costumes Cinderellas and so I felt sad that my daughter lost that only one opportunity for her dream trip to be perfect. It is all in pictures now, can't go back.

    If you have a good costume at home take it! don't count on parks.. or shop ahead the trip as really, there won't be much to pick from.

    Parks have THOUSANDS of little disney stores.. literarly. every few steps..
    it is a good news and a bad news.. a good news is that they are there..bad news is that htey are all identical almost and carry the same the same the same the same 200 items with very limited variations.. oh more pencils here or oh few more cups there.. but the costume selection is the same boring..
    you got your few princesses to pick from and also- horrible news for few moms who were counting on Brave! there were NO Brave costumes nowhere to be found. Online yes, stores in the cuntry yes, but not in the parks.???

    So yes, prepare yourself accordingly. Dont' count defiitely on any Lmited editon Cinderella singing Cameo Costume, Belle, or Snow White.. I was hoping to get them not only there but also for less then online ever offered. they told me they won't be offered anymore anytime within the next few years.. more less when the movie cmes out of the vault next tim. Yeah.. what good it is to me.

    Anyhow too late for me, not too late for you.
  2. Myfirsttrip

    Myfirsttrip Earning My Ears

    Jan 11, 2013
    oh forgot to add that the cosutmes whatever shabby are in most abundance available at MK because other places as other parks and outside them.. have very limited choices and usually only per theme.. as in don't expect to buy a Princess costume at Animal Kingdom.. or Epcot... and definitely don't count on that big disney store Downtown as they have just more of everything that is in Magic Kingdom in one place instead of bazygazylion little tinny boutique size disney stores scattered one per block at Magic Kingdom.

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