Vero Beach -- bugs/turtles


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Jun 26, 2000
I've heard people talking about those "noseeum" bugs that can be incredibly annoying on the beach. We'll be in Vero during the end of bad will the bug situation be? Is it all day long? Is it everywhere, i.e. by pool and beach?

Also, anyone know when and if you can catch a glimpse of the big sea turtles there?

The bugs are heaviest at dawn and dusk. You should be fine most of the day by the pool and beach.

I think the turtles mating season is in the spring but I could be wrong.
We were at Vero Labor Day weekend, so just after you timeframe wise. The no-see-ums were mainly a problem at the campfire. We were literally eaten alive. We wore shorts and sandals and had bites covering our feet and legs. They seem to stay low to the ground because we didn't have bites on our arms. Wear bugspray if you plan to do the campfire. I would even consider pants and sneakers along with the bug spray.

The turtle nests were still flagged but there were no turtle watches going on then. I think late spring/early summer is when they peak for nesting.
June and July is the prime Turtle nesting season.
I wanted to let you know about the bees we encountered in November around the pool. They were everywhere. For the most part, just annoying, but on our last full day, I got stung under my arm, something awful. It must happen often enough, that the pool stand had on hand, medication for stings, which helped, but....

We had put on bug spray all week and were fine, the one day I forgot to, I got stung. Three months later, I still have a nasty scar to show for it.

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