Vegetarian dining reviews 2/24-2/29 (long!)

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    Just back from WDW...I thought I'd share what I ate. I'm a vegetarian (not vegan though...) my mom and my DS 6 eat meat. Here's what we ate.

    2/24 Arrival day, 7pm PS for Boma. This is one of our favorites! There are so many veggie choices on the buffet. I started with a mixed greens salad with cilantro/lime/chili vinegrette and some fruit (pineapple, strawberries, melon). I tried some of the carrot ginger soup (delicious!) and tried all three of the hummus flavors (white bean, calamata olive and sun dried tomato) they were all great as usual. My mom and DS both had some of the prime rib and said it was awesome. I had a plate full of veggies, curry tofu with green beans, fufu, potatoes with Afritude (spicy but, great!) and I can't remember the name of the last thing, it looked like mashed potatoes, but was some kind of corn meal mush with a tomato sauce, it was ok but not my favorite. We then moved on to dessert, zebra domes, coconut tiramisu, pineapple cheesecake, and DS had a chocolate chip cookie! A great meal! I didn't write down exact prices, but I belevie it was around $65 with the tip???

    2/25 DS's 6th birthday!!! Breakfast PS for 8am at Chef Mickey's . This was a first for us. It seemed like normal buffet food, eggs, fruit, pastries, pancakes, Mickey waffles, cheese grits (these were really good!) and sausage and bacon for mom and DS. The waitress brought out a birthday cupcake and candle for DS. He really enjoyed the atmosphere (singing, napkin twirling, characters, Goofy, Mickey, CHip, Dale) It might have just been a bad time, but the lines for food were terrible. I wanted to go back for more cheese grits and stood in line for a while and gave up. All in all it was good because DS enjoyed it, but the food was the usual for a buffet. I really can't remember the price for this one...I think around $50.

    We didn't really do lunch today, had some popcorn at Epcot, DS got chicken McNuggets just outside of Canada in the WS. I had a pretzel from Germany with some spicy mustard, one of my favorite snacks. Mom didn't want anything else.

    Back at the hotel we decided to call for a PS for Whispering Canyon for dinner. We went there around 730pm. This was another first for us. Mom and I each had a Cactus Margarita, very good, melon flavored (made with Midori I think). DS had a chocolate milkshake. While waiting for our food we snacked on the biscuits and cornbread... I orded the ONE vegetarian item on the menu, farfalle pasta with portabello mushrooms, spinich and
    tomatoes. It was good, and very filling, it came in a huge bowl. DS had a hot dog and fries, mom had the ribs and corn on the cob. Her meal was HUGE and she couldn't finish, she said it was very good. For desert, they announced DS's birthday and brought him another cupcake with a candle. We really liked this place, the waitstaff was a lot of fun and DS enjoyed the races, and napkin twirling, and yelling for ketchup.

    2/26 MK day. We just had some bananas and raisins in the room for breakfast. Then headed to MK. Stopped for a Dole Whip (pineapple) for "breakfast dessert " :teeth: we shared one between the three of us. Some time during the next few hours we attempted to share a box of popcorn, but while waiting in line a seagull "went" on my head. I was too disgusted to eat:crazy2: but mom and DS shared the popcorn and laughed at me.

    After cleaning up as well as I could, and a few rides later it started POURING. We happened to be next to the Plaza Restaurant, so we went in for a late lunch. They didn't have any veggie meals on the menu that I remember, so I ordered some sort of salad without the chicken. It was ok, nothing special. DS had the mini hamburger/mini hot dog combo and mom had a reuben. All 3 meals were all right, nothing special, waitress was kind of indifferent also. Not sure that I'd return here in the future.

    For dinner we ate in the CBR food court. I had a veggie burger and chips. I didn't like it at all, but I was pretty hungry. I'm partial to Gardenburgers and this was more of a "fake-meat-trying-to-taste-like-a-real-hamburger" type thing. It was gross. DS had the chicken nuggets and fries served in the pail/shovel thing. Kind of cute, he used the shovel and pail later in the week at the beach at CBR. Mom had another reuben, she said it was alright, about the same as the one at the Plaza. We also bought 2 bottles of water and a chocolate milk for DS. The total was $30.

    2/27 MGM day. We ate breakfast in the room again. Fruit from the CBR food court. Lunch was at Sci Fi Dine In, we've been there before and enjoyed it in the past. I had the spinach/artichoke dip appetizer for my meal. DS had another hot dog and fries (he doesn't get meat at home too often, so he goes overboard when we go out to eat :rolleyes: ) My mom had a cheese burger and fries. DS still had his birthday button on his coat from the other day and the waiter brought him a birthday sundae (we told the waiter it was 2 days ago, but he said it was ok to celebrate all week while at WDW :cool: ) DS's sundae was vanilla ice cream, caramel, strawberries, hot fudge, m & m's, whipped cream AND a cherry! Of course I had to help him eat it :teeth: My mom also had a hot fudge sundae. Everything was delicious!

    DS and I were going to an Illuminations cruise that night, so we stopped at the CBR food court again, DS got a hot dog and fries and I got a package of carrots and celery with ranch sauce. We each bought a Mickey chocolate covered rice crispy treat for dessert.

    2/28 We slept in and had a LATE breakfast at Kona Cafe at the Poly. We had an 11am PS. I had the Tonga Toast with a side of fried potatoes instead of meat choices. Mom had a ham and cheese omlet with fried potatoes and DS had Mickey pancakes with sausage. Everything was delicious! I love Tonga toast!

    We then headed for Animal Kingdom. We didn't eat lunch, just shared some more popcorn ( we love popcorn :teeth: ) And DS and I had a frozen fruit punch from the popcorn cart outside of It's Tough to Be a Bug.

    Dinner- back to Boma again! Basically ate the same things we had the other night. I think the meats were different though, mom had some ribs instead of the prime rib. And tonight they had banana tiramisu instead of the coconut. Everything was great!

    2/29 Our last day :( Breakfast was fruit once again. After checking out we headed to Downtown Disney to use our $25 Planet Hollywood certificate we received as part of our package. DS had chicken fingers and fries and apple juice. Mom had a bacon cheese burger and I had the spinich dip appetizer for my meal. It wasn't as good as the dip at Sci Fi, but it was alright. The meal only came to about $6 including the tip after using our gift certificate.

    Sorry this was so long! Feel free to ask me any questions!
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    Feb 17, 2004
    Great reviews-thank you! I am not a meat eater either. It is always good to read what others have enjoyed.

    And, by the way, your son is absolutely precious!
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    Great reviews ~ Thanx for sharing.
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    It's nice to hear them from the vegetarian viewpoint!
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    Thank you for the reviews. DH and I only eat chicken, turkey and fish, DS#2 is a vegetarian and will be joining us this trip. We are really looking forward to taking him out to many of the places. It is his first trip there since 1999. Boma is high on our list. We are also taking him to Spoodles for his 23rd birthday and we'll be having breakfast at Kona that morning. It is great to see that almost every restaurant in WDW offers veggie options now.

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