VB Family vacation - Day 3

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    DH - loves Disney 33
    Me - also loves Disney 32 - first trip without our 8 month old little boy who is with his grandparents.

    Day 3
    So finally we go to the parks!!! Up at 8am - DH went and got beverages - out the door by 9am for Magic Kingdom. The crowds were very small. Did Pirates of Caribbean, Splash Mountain (which I got really wet on for some reason), and Big Thunder. Very fast lines, walked right on. Headed for Haunted Mansion but it was closed (technical difficulties).

    Got a fastpass for Peter Pan (can you believe this is the first time I've used the Fast Pass? - we are so anti-planning for our trips that I always figured I would never come back to the ride. But wow - it made it so much easier) - so now you're probably thinking "well, duh".So did lunch at Pinocchios overlooking Small World. We had to laugh at a mother trying to take a picture of her little boy who was just not happy. My husband says "But Mommy, you're stealing my soul!" It may not be funny in print but I just about spit out my hamburger! That was our line for the rest of the day.

    Anyway, did race cars because we have never done them - now I know why. Space Mountain, People Mover, Goofy's Barnstormer, Pooh ride, Buzz light year, It rained off and on but nothing horrible.

    Back to the pool by 2pm ( did I mention we love this pool?) Then to EPCOT.
    Had snack at Japan. DH had sushi I had some other thing that was good. And Japanese beer! YUM> Did Journey into Imagination and Test Track. We were on Test Track about to go up that first hill into the ride when it stopped. They eventually let us off and gave us passes to come back and go up the exits.

    Here's where is started to pour!!!! I had my umbrella, didn't matter!!! It poured!!!! Drenched!!!!! But since we were there why not watch Illuminations? Still love it but drenched!!! Walked back to hotel, got a Tombstone pizza from the gift shop, popped it in oven, had a glass of wine and dried our clothes!

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    Oh yucky rain - didn't stop your enjoyment though :D


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