Vacation home help!!!!


Jul 17, 2000
Instead of staying at the Contemporary I would love to stay in a house but here's the rub...Hubby wants to stay onsite and is willing to stay off site only if the property is fabulous, very clean, offers things we can't get onsite and absolutely does NOT involve sitting through a timeshare presentation or sales pitch. We just want to rent and go. I don't want to try Ebay. Not on a 10 day vacation.
1.Is there such a place to rent from?
2.What kinds of questions should we ask?
3.What kind of documents do you receive?
Thanks guys!!!
If you guys are used to being onsite you might want to choose a property that's very close to the parks. Here's a link to a location map that will show you where most of the areas that rent vacation homes : Click Here.

You can rent through an agency or management company or from a private owner. Both have their plusses and minuses and that would be a matter of preference. A current post on this subject should answer alot of your questions.

I received documents to sign to list the members of my party, the security deposit, etc. I also received pictures of the property and directions to it. We were given every piece of info we needed about the house, including alarm system #, lock box # and phone system information. They also told us things we should probably bring, just in case, and it turned out this house had everything we needed.

Some houses offer internet access, maid cleaning and major extras that the top hotels offer for a minor charge. Depending on the time of year you go you can also add pool/jacuzzi heating.

I love staying on and offsite, but will only stay offsite if the property is worth it. I have found this option priceless.

If you need any more help, PM me.



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