USF/IOA this coming Saturday....

Mickey's sunshine

<font color=darkgreen>Had a blast at MGM's Super S
May 23, 2000
anyone going to be there? BARRY????

How are the crowds at either park this time of year?
I will be there this weekend. I'm suppose to meet up with MsDisney and MIB at MIB first thing in the morning. I think MIB normally does lunch at Mythos around 12.
Yup, we'll be there...RobertW, MIB, myself and my two kids, Thing 1 and Thing 2...

MIB training! :D

Kids and I probably won't be doing Mythos...we're saving for next Sat.'s meet... :rolleyes: :)

If you would like to meet up with us...we're usually around MIB early, as RobertW said...just give us a time and we'll be sure to come out and look for you at that time!

Christine, be afraid, be VERY afraid...
I'll be there next weekend. Want to join us for MG Con? MG will be the low MIB scorer, so you have a chance. :)
I am not sure what time we will get there, probably after 9:00. We will be coming from Clearwater that morning. Not sure what park we are heading to first either. What time will you all be @ MIB?

LOL Robin, who/what should I be afraid of the most?? :D

Barry - what is MG CON??
The park opens at 9 and most of the group will be there by 8:30 to be one of the first through the gate. We will be heading straight to MIB for the training. We more than likely will be at MIB until around 12.

As for MG Con, there is a get together next weekend for Molokai Gram. Barry has dubbed her visit here from Hawaii MG Con. There is a pretty good sized group getting together for this visit.
Thank you Robert for the info. :)

I wish that I could show up but I already have plans. sorry.

Plus I have already met Barry a few times, why meet him again? ;) j/k Barry!!!

Hey Barry, what about the MOSI meet in March????
Originally posted by Barry Hom
March MOSI meet? When did we decide on it? :)

Barry, you mean you forgot?????

How much does it cost for two MOSI to go??????:D
Barry, Barry, Barry!!!!

You made a post on it but you never finalized a date or anything!

Men!! They can never do everything on their own, always leave it up to the women to make the arrangements, set the date/time, etc.... :rolleyes:

lol - you know I am j/k


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