Urgent PP+ voucher question


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Sep 18, 2004
Sorry, I haven't done the PP+ in two years and I don't quite remember the exact procedure.

I purchased a prepaid PP+ a month ago and turned in the voucher for the PP + lanyard last Friday, March 13 at the Photo Shop in DL. I just realized that they never returned the voucher to me...don't I need that number to redeem the CD? Or, is that code inside the CD of stock images they sent me? I stowed the CD somewhere in the house before we left and I can't remember where in the rush of trying to leave, but I know it is here somewhere. The voucher, OTOH, I know I never received back from the cashier. Ugh, hoping that wasn't a huge error.
I believe that the code is with the CD. Sorry! I hope that you are able to find it. If not, I would call the PhotoPass number. My CD is at home sitting on my desk or I would be happy to post the number for you. Your email confirmation would help verify that you did indeed purchase it.
Inside the CD case that came with the voucher, is a pamphlet with the code you'll need to place your order.
Code should be with the CD at home (mine was/is). I'm sure your CD will turn up. Good luck!

As others have said, there should have been two vouchers/flyers in the CD case that came with your PP+. One is the voucher for the lanyard, the other has the CD code on it. So as long as you can find the rest of the stuff that came with the order, you should be fine.
Found the CD case! Thank goodness and, yep, the second code was inside it. Whew, a few panicky moments here. Thanks for answering!


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