upgraded at bwv last weekend


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Jun 11, 2000
We had booked a one bedroom standard view, and when we got to our 5th floor room what a great surprise. Not only was it right next to the elevators, but it was an awesome view of luna park pool, the canal,and the swan and dolphin. We got upgraded once last year too, from a standard view studio to a 1 bedroom preferred. I'll keep booking those sv rooms. You are never disappointed, and sometimes very pleasantly surprised. By the way, of course I have never asked for an upgrade, I have no idea why they do this. Anyone?
just a little advice,,when you get upgraded do not tell anyone...people will complain to ms..:cool: :cool:
Now this makes me mad. I am not mad at ez but at the front desk for doing this. Last summer we used points for a preferred view and wound up with a view of the stairs to the water slide. The front desk would do nothing to change our room. I will never again get a preferred view room and will always stick with my standard...which I have always been very happy!
Cora we had the same view for our vey first trip home. It was a corner room on the 2nd floor with a view of the back side of the stairs up the slide. So every kid going up the slide had a view of our living area and bedroom; needless to say we kept our drapes pulled shut the whole trip! We have stayed preferred twice since and had a much better view however we booked a 2 bdr standard for our Dec trip this year just can't justify the extra points for the views we have recieved this far.

But congrats Cora that was a great surprise!!!! I think it all depends on how booked they are and if they have overbooked standard!!! It's always great to get s surprise upgrade. :)

Are they working on painting the standard view side yet? When we were there early last month, they were working on the quiet pool area of rooms and had the awnings down on the standard view side. I assumed that no one was staying in the quiet pool view rooms with all the scaffolding. If they are working on the standard view side, maybe that is why they had to upgrade some people.

ez - did you get upgraded from a studio to 1 bedroom on points or was it a cash reservation?
WOW! That's awesome!! We always book the sv's and we've never been upgraded, so never expect one... but sometimes you are pleasantly surprised!

I like overlooking the front of the resort, about halfway down the hall. You get to overlook the illuminated "Boardwalk" at night & the fireworks at night as well... It's also very quiet!
Debbie B- it was on points when that happened. They told us at the front desk when we checked in that we had been upgraded, but she said "this is a onetime thing" or something like that...we thought she meant upgraded to a preferred studio, then when we went to our room and saw it was a 1 bedroom preferred, we realized what a big deal it was and why she had made that comment. Our trips are usually short, maybe that has worked to our advantage somehow as far as getting bumped up.;)

Have to agree with Pluto, since this is something Member Services says is not available to "all" members, I am afraid sharing only makes others unhappy.
Boy this stuff never happens to us in the summers! Good for you though, Cora. Pixie dust appears in the unlikeliest places!
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