unused days on disney hopper tickets

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by gloria3387, Jan 9, 2001.

  1. gloria3387

    gloria3387 Earning My Ears

    Jan 9, 2001
    Is there a safe way to purchase unused days from
    those who did not use all their days when visiting disney? It is really expensive to do
    this vacation and I thought if I could get tickets for less this might be the way.

  2. ssnow719

    ssnow719 Earning My Ears

    Oct 31, 2000
    You can try Ebay, use the search words "disney hopper" and last time I looked there were quite a few people listing days left on Hopper passes.
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  4. NancyIL

    NancyIL DIS Veteran

    Aug 19, 1999
    Selling WDW tickets is illegal and potentially dangerous - to YOUR pocketbook! You have no way of knowing how many days are left on someone's hopper ticket.
  5. LisaNJ25

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    Jul 3, 2000
    I just purchase our hopper passes for out fist trip in April. They are so small I am afraid I will lose them. I see a black bar on the back, do the scan them when you go to the park? How do they keep track of howmany days you use?
  6. Kaa

    Kaa <font color=blue>Moderator<br><font color=green>I

    Aug 13, 1999
    The only way to know for sure how many days are left on a park pass is to go to Guest Services at your resort or the parks and they will input the ticket information (found on back of the pass) and tell you what you have left. Because of this, purchasing these passes from someone you don't know and without recourse is a dangerous idea. If I were on an extremely tight budget, I would stay off-site at a budget chain and eat sandwiches in my room before I purchased second-hand passes from someone I didn't know! It would be a very sad start to your vacation to get to the front gates and find the passes didn't have any days left (or less than you were told) and then have to either shell out more money for passes or not go to the parks at all. You can purchase tickets at a discount from TicketRes that are equal to the Disney Club discount and you don't have to have the DC membership!

    LisaNJ-The black bar on the back of the pass registers each time you enter the park. When the passes are checked by Guest Services, they pull up the activity and can determine how many days you have used the pass and how many days are left.

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  7. TracyK

    TracyK DIS Veteran

    Nov 18, 2000
    I visited the Ebay site and considered this option but decided against it. Imagine how awful it would be if you arrived at the parks and found that there weren't any days left on the tickets. I found that the tickets being auctioned weren't much of a bargain anyway.

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  8. xxSpecialTxx

    xxSpecialTxx Earning My Ears

    Jul 16, 2000
    i'VE BEEN TO DISNEY WORLD 1997, 2000 AND GOING BACK 2001. AND EACH TIME I WENT I GOT THE PASSES WITH UNUSED DAYS. WE STAYED AT THE BEST INN IN KISSIMEE THIS PAST AUGUST. THE GUYS BOOTH WAS RIGHT IN THE HOTEL LOBBY. I said to myself this is illegal, why does the manager allow this guy to sell passes in his lobby. I BOUGHT A 2 DAY 4 PARK HOPPERPASS FOR 108 dollars for adults and 87 dollars for children. I was not worried at all when i got to the gates. I talked to the salesperson before i arrived to get ticket prices. I figured if there was a problem WHEN I GOT TO THE TURNSTILE, I was going back to that hotel and raise holy HELL. Him and his father owned the ticket booth. They also sold Universal passes and Seaworld passes and other area attractions. Everyone in the hotel was buying those passes. They also had a booth with the free tickets if you took the timeshare tour,didn't want to be bothered with that. The passes looked and felt brand new. We did the 4 parks in 2 days from early morning to late at night and with the money i saved had no problems with it. The PRICES of Disney hopperpasses are ridiculous u either have to pay by park or get the 4 day hopperpasses. Personally I think Animal Kingdom shouldn't be 50 dollars for admission. This is very steep for the average family of four. And for me, a single parent raising 2 boys its definitely a struggle. I advise people to be careful because u do have some shady people out there. But as for me, I will go back this August and get my tickets from the same booth with a smile on my face. :D
  9. dianeschlicht

    dianeschlicht <font color=blue>DVC-Trivia Contest, Apr-2006: Hon

    Nov 22, 2000
    Bare in mind that most people who resell park hoppers with days remaining on them are making a killing! I have watched these prices on Ebay for awhile, and they are getting about $50 a day for 4 and 5 day hopper tickets with 1 or 2 days left on them. The per day price of these tickets last year would have been much less than that, so I don't think it makes much sense at all. Get the best hopper ticket you can and save unused days for a later trip. The days never expire, and they will never be less expensive than they are now, since Disney always will be raising rates! :)

  10. glo

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    Aug 18, 1999
    WOW! I didn't even know this exsisted. I must live a sheltered life! :eek:

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