universal vs. disney---convince me!!!!


Earning My Ears
Sep 8, 2000
leaving for orlando in 5 days with husband and 7 year old daughter. we have done disney in the past and would like to try universal and islands of adventure but i'm not convinced my daughter would like it as well. what do you experts out there think?
USF and IOA have TONS of stuff to keep a 7-year old deliriously happy!


Nickelodeon Tour. A fun game show in which kids always win against the parents and one lucky kid gets slimed.

Curious George Goes To Town. An absolutely soaking play town. Kids love it. And behind the water attraction is the Ball Factory where kids (and grown ups who act like kids) shoot foam balls at each other.

Feivel's Playland. Based on the adventures of another mouse.

Animal Actors Stage. Disney has the equivalent but if you liked that show, you'll like this one.

A Day in the Park with Barney. Fun but your 7-year-old is probably too sophisticated for this.

Hanna-Barbera. A simulator ride with a cartoon theme.


Seuss Landing. Absolutely fabulous and the Cat in the Hat ride puts the Fantasyland dark rides to shame IMHO.

Pteranodon Flyers. A "thrill" ride where the height restrictions work in the kids' favor. No tall people allowed (unless accompanied by a kid).

Triceratops Encounter. if your child is a dino-freak, here she'll get a chance to pet a "real, live" triceratops.

The Confisco Character Lunch. Beetle Bailey, Olive Oyl, Betty Boop and others. And Spiderman talks!

And that's just for starters. I'm sure others will add things I've forgotten.K

Kelly Monaghan
Author of "Universal Orlando: The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Theme Park Adventure" and
"The Other Orlando: What To Do When You've Done Disney & Universal""
Hi Mary,
What have you got to lose?? Why not try out Universal and/or IOA? My kids have been to both, and we love both Disney and Universal. I'm sure your daughter would enjoy herself at Universal, what's more I bet you and your husband would have a blast! See you there! :cool:
Maybe you could do both if you'll be there long enough. We've done Disney the last 2 years and decided to give it a rest this year and do US/IOA and Seaworld and Wet and Wild and maybe Discovery Cove. I'm glad that we did! I'm having a great time learning about things we've never done before and I've never had discounts or hotel service like this before from Disney even though I'm a club member! From now on when we go to Disney we will always stay at US and just visit Disney!! I haven't even been yet and already I feel pampered!

Good for you DW!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps if more people committed to actually giving the competition some of their attention it may force Eisner into improving what he has there!!!
You go Brad...Disney has not felt the force that Universal is going to have on them yet, but it is coming. You can already tell by the attitudes of the USF/IOA park employees and cleanliness. Friendly, upbeat...the parks/restrooms are very very clean. My husband and I joke everytime we go there...we think they have hired away all disney's best employees. Don't get me wrong...we are huge Disney fans. But, even when we didn't live in Florida, we split our vacation between Disney and Univesal and Sea World. We have stayed at the Portofino twice and love it. Before they had the on site resorts, we just stayed out in town on I drive. :)
thanks for your imput everyone!!!! PattiHW---I, too, am from Oswego NY--small world!!!!

Hi Mary, No way!! Do you live in Oswego now, or are you from Oswego? I, personally, cannot wait to get out of here for a week!!!
Aren't these boards just the greatest for collecting info?
We too are headed to Orlando this week-end for kids Spring break. Perhaps I'll see you there!
Patti :cool:


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