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Feb 13, 2000
We will be staying at HRH and my two children, especially my daughter, loves the "X-Men". Does anyone know if they do character meals? I've heard there are some with the "Cat-in-the-hat", "Olive Oil" etc - but wondered about the Marvel Characters. Any info on this would be much appreciated.

Spiderman did pop in at Confiscos character lunch for a while. But mostly it was Cat, Grinch etc. You can see alot of the Marvel characters around the spiderman ride. At one point they all came out on quad like motorcycles. I think it was around 1:00. I don't know if that is a scheduled thing. But it had Capt. America, Storm, Doom, Spidey, and some others.
The thing with the superheroes on motorcycles in the Marvel Super Heroes Parade. It occurs daily. Look at the times on the map for the scheduled parade.


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Thanks for info. Last year, we did see the the parade of the Marvel Characters around the Spiderman ride and my daughter enjoyed shaking hands with them all. It's a shame only Spiderman does the character meal though.


We also saw the marvel characters and got their autographs. But they don't have lines like WDW. It was total confusion with parents shoving each other and kids to get to the character. It was not a pleasant atmosphere and you can't get a full length picture because there is no room. Many other people are in the pictures with you. It was worth it.


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